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The one thing that's preventing me from switching

  • Hi all,

    I've been using Opera Next as my secondary browser to IE11 for ages now, and every time I play with the idea of switching to Opera for good - I remember that one thing that is stopping me.

    When the browser isn't maximised the 'Opera' button is above the tabs. I know it's a small thing, but I find it highly annoying as it just means it takes up more space without needing to take up more space and it just looks odd. If it was inline with the tabs like when it is maximised I'd switch for good. Anyone know of a way to put it inline?


  • Impossible. And how would you move your window if your tab bar was full?

  • Using the wasted space that always shows up somewhere, I always remove the + button because I always find somewhere to double-click to add a tab.

    But you have a point, that would make things harder.

  • This is also something which might interest the OP enough to try, but one biggie that stopped me from moving on from Presto (I use v11.64) was the ability to move the tab bar to the bottom, like in Excel. Who's crazy idea was it to put browser tabs at the top in the first place? It's much more convenient for me to have them live down the bottom of the screen - that's where my mouse pointer generally is and most of what's on my screen is browsing space. Couple that with right-click & scroll wheel tab switching and I might just be tempted enough to install it as a back-up browser (to 11.64, because I still love the old mail integration... amongst other things, e.g. notes and widgets and such).

    Here's v11.64 showing the image above of what I guess is how you must have the tab bar in the latest version. Has there been any change in where you can position the tab bar? Even Firefox lets you put them at the bottom.

    Picture of Opera 11.64 showing tabs at bottom

  • I never paid any attention to it but mine is on the same line.


  • It's on the same line when it's maximized, but not when it isn't.

    But seeing wakingup screenshot made me realize how you could move the window if it would be on the same line: by having a title bar which was already a pain in the ass to re-enable after each update in v12.