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Opera 25.0.1614.50 seems slightly slower than the last version of 24. Also pages occasionally crash

  • I've noticed that this most recent version 25.0.1614.50, seems a bit slower than the last
    version of 24, and I have pages that occasionally crash for no apparent reason, which also never happened in version 24.

  • In my case a specific tab can crash if there is a direct link to an .mp3 file (I noticed this only when listening to podcasts). It works fine and suddenly it might stop, randomly, sometimes might be related to other tabs (or clicks to other tabs in the top bar). Have to close the tab and open another one. Also, the player is much nicer in FF than Opera, just my 2 cents.

  • Thanks for your feedback cornel-pv!

    My situation with the page crashes seems to affect simple pages without that kind of a link.

    I also noticed that YouTube is one site that will crash pages repeatedly, so perhaps there is a problem with flash at least.

    I'm sorry that I updated, because the last version of 24 worked really well and was fast. Hopefully
    they will sort out the teething problems.

  • I'm finding 25.0.1614.50 MUCH slower to open. The start page takes at least 11 seconds to display (I am using the old start page, which I prefer over the new version), but open times are no different with either version.

    Page loading is about the same as the previous stable version to me, and I've not experienced a page crash regardless of the content.

    I sure hope they get this sussed. It seems Opera is becoming more and more like the other browsers these days and each update seems to be a bit less "Opera-like" than the last. I'm seriously thinking of finally abandoning the browser I've used for over a decade.

  • I wrote in another thread related to youtube, But I would recommend you to try the HTML5 version of it (I'm using it, no issues so far). I was using FF till now, and after Opera 25 release I'm testing it, looks a little faster.

  • a +1 to the mentioned issues. And so far non of the "work-arounds" mentioned on the forum really worked for me, or are in any kind "pleasing" me.

    I am a die-hard Opera fan Opera 7 - 11 ... since then the whole concept got on a downward spiral. Which I do not like to see.