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So I downloaded Opera 20 after months of having to leave opera. No bookmarks still.

  • I cannot believe it. I download Opera 20 developer to see what state the cutting edge of Opera is in. I have no bookmarks, other than a farty little toolbar, still have the useless stash and still cannot apply per-site proxy settings. Also, tabs still open weirdly instead of having new tabs open at the end of the list. Opera is going nowhere fast. Opera is lost, it is nothing compared to what it used to be. So sites work better with Opera today than they did pre-chrome engine, but it is useless when the over all Opera experience has nothing that Opera uses have been choosing Opera for.

    If Opera were to get back to their feature roots and actually make Opera great again I would switch back in a second, but I do not have high hopes after waiting many months and checking back to day to see what progress there has been. This feels just the same as when the new Chrome-Opera version first came out. USELESS. I will continue using Chrome until the Opera developers get back on track and make Opera Opera again.

  • I'm not a Chrome user, but I've read a lot of critical posts that accuse Opera of now being too Chrome-like. So, as a past Opera user, why will you be continuing to use Chrome until Opera more fully evolves? (It's an honest question... since as an outsider to the Chrome world, to me this all seems somehow contradictory.)

  • It is contradictory and it makes no sense as indeed this thread makes no sense.

    What is your question? What help do you need in terms of your browser? This is a Help forum not a Rant forum.

  • At least chrome is chrome, it has all the features of chrome. Opera is based on chrome but is cut down, does not have all of chrome's extensions and options are limited. Opera is complete trash. After being an avid fan for so many years I have to stay away from it like the plague. I have had to force myself to get used to chrome. The day Opera becomes actually Opera is the day I will run to it with open arms. Until that day it is garbage. There is nothing in the current Opera that I want.

  • Originally posted by techwg:

    No bookmarks still.

    I don't know why people keep repeating this lie. Opera has had bookmarks since Opera 16. There's also a Bookmarks API, and an extension if you absolutely must have a Bookmarks menu and want to hide the Bookmarks Bar. The other stuff, like customising shortcuts, tab-stacking, etc., are more important than a bookmarks menu or manager. I won't upgrade until we have at least a customisable GUI.

  • I have too many tabs open for Opera 12, it used to be find back in the day but now it gets to about 1.5 GB ram usage and crashes out. Right before the crash I would have weird glitches with it. Also that sorting shows alphabetical, Where is date modified descending? I always want bookmarks that are newest to appear on the bookmarks menu and the manage bookmarks screen. Neither of which are in Opera. All you got is that bookmarks bar.

  • Originally posted by techwg:

    I have too many tabs open for Opera 12, it used to be find back in the day but now it gets to about 1.5 GB ram usage and crashes out. ...

    How would you compare the handling of a large number of open tabs in Blink Opera (v15+) as compared with Chrome's handling of a similar number of open tabs?

  • Same here.

    I press CTRL + B and no bookmarks appear like it used before.

    Anyone knows how to activate the boomarks again?

  • Originally posted by xredburn:

    I press CTRL + B and no bookmarks appear like it used before.

    There is no Bookmarks Panel. The shortcut to add a bookmark is Ctrl D if the Bookmarks Bar is Enabled.