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Full screen mode! No notification bar

  • We want this! There is no settings to hide status bar in Opera for Android. Please add this functionality!

  • Yep, and with this occasion GMD gesture control app can be deleted from my phone. :rolleyes:

  • There is a full screen mode in Opera for Android, but it's only implemented if you can rotate your phone to landscape mode.

    See the far bottom right icon in the linked picture. Unfortunately the URL bar will only hide when you scroll down and comes back when you scroll up a page.

  • Full screen or dpi change (fonts adjustment) can be done with Xposed framework (needs root) for example, anyway neither Google or Firefox doesn't implement this feature by default.

  • There are lots of browser on google play that has " Hide status bar" functionality. You can just swipe down from top of the screen and they are visible. for a few seconds.

    @ ngamer01 if by " full screen mode " you mean hiding URL bar then i'm sorry for you. It's really done by default in Opera for Android.

    We need HIDE NOTIFICATION / STATUS BAR feature which isn't hard to implement! GMD gesture control Disables the status bar instead of hiding it ( you can't swipe down for status to show now)

  • +1
    It's very useful sometimes, for example when viewing image galleries. Xposed can do that but not everyone wants to install that and there's no xposed for Android 5 anyway.

  • Screw Opera team, i've found a way to do this without xposed module. I'm using custom rom and it let's me configure all hard keys (i've a Galaxy) to my needs, i've configured Back key long press action to enable Expanded desktop and it works flawlessy! It's like immersive mode but keyboard works!