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How to remove the tiny 1 pixel space above the tab bar.

  • When Opera is maximized, there seems to be a 1-pixel tall horizontal space above where the tabs are. (I've got my tabs on top, above everything else.) This is annoying as heck, because it makes it impossible to shoot your mouse quickly to the top of the screen and click a tab - you always have to land inside the height of the tab itself, instead of just overshooting and letting the top of the screen stop you.

    Is there any way of removing this tiny space?

  • Agreed meeotch666. I created a new account just to be to say exactly the same thing.

    It's horrible that I can't move my mouse to the top of the screen to select another tab. Opera was never like this before. Please revert it to its previous incarnation, otherwise I'll may have to skip Opera for good (after being a user for over 10 years!).

  • I just remembered that I previously fixed this with the "Disable tab bar's top spacing when browser window is maximized" option in Settings under User Interface.

    Unfortunately, it no longer works. That option seems to toggle between a 1-pixel space, and something larger than that.

    There must be a way of fixing this through CSS or some such, though.

  • Deleted.

  • We must have posted at the same time. That option no longer works - at least for me.

    Go to settings and enable "advanced settings" at the bottom if it's not already enabled.
    Above it there should now be an option "Disable tab bar's top spacing when browser window is maximised".
    Checking that should fix it!

  • LOL!
    I deleted my post when I saw that!
    I just tried it myself and it does work still work for me, very strange.

  • Right, it works for me - thanks meeotch666. This should be default behavior though.

  • Opera was never like this before.

    Opera 12 had the same one pixel space by default.

    You had to manually set opera:config#UserPrefs|ChromeIntegrationDragAreaMaximized to 0.

    The option was even missing from Opera 15 until it was finally brought back with Opera 19.

  • Again - that option does not fix the problem for me. It visually switches between a tiny space and what appears to be no space, but the tabs are non-responsive (and don't highlight when hovered) if the mouse is at the very top of the screen in either case.

    The only other program I have installed with tabs at the top like that is firefox, which does not exhibit this behavior.

  • I reverted to Opera 22.0, and it's working again for me. I guess I'll stay on this version for a while.

  • Still works in Opera 25.

    Settings, Show Advanced Settings: Disable tab bar's top spacing when browser window is maximised

  • Just tried a clean install of Opera 25 (removed all other versions first), and it's still giving the broken behavior. The "Disable tab bar's top spacing when browser window is maximised" option toggles between a visual space and no (or super tiny) visual space, but neither On nor Off results in being able to click at the top of the screen.

    Going to revert to a previous version again.

  • any solutions?

  • Working fine here. Are you still using version 25?

  • I just installed so I have the newest stable version - 27.0.1689.66

  • Welp, like I said its working fine here. What version of Windows are you using?

  • win 7

  • Hi there,
    I'm pretty sure the "Disable tab bar's top spacing when browser window is maximised" in the "Advanced Settings" only works with Windows 7, and not with Windows 8 (I'm using Win 7 on my desktop and Win 8 on my laptop, that's how I found out).

    It's a terrible, terrible oversight which makes Opera on Windows 8 near useless for me.

  • I'm using Windows 8.1 and it works fine for me.

  • only works with Windows 7, and not with Windows 8

    Only if they have changed something regarding this because it used to work when i was using Win8 and it works on Win10.