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OPera 12.17 crshing on BBC radio iPlayer

  • I have only just up-dated from 12.16 to 12.17 because I found out it was a security fix.

    Now the BBC radio iPlayer in the UK crashes and closes Opera - it has only done this since the update.

    I would roll-back to 12.16 but unsure of security risks.

    I really do not want to have to use Opera for everything I do apart from iPlayer which I would have to use another browser for at the same time.

  • Player runs fine on
    No crash with Windows 7 (64bit) and Opera 12.17 (32bit).

    Which Opera (32 or 64bit) and Flash Player do you use?

  • Details from 'About Opera' detail:

    Version 12.17
    Build 1863
    Platform Win32
    System Windows 8
    Browser identification

    Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 6.2; WOW64) Presto/2.12.388 Version/12.17

    I have Flash version 15,0,0,152 installed.

    My pc is actually a 64bit machine.


  • Ah, one other thing - it is the 'listen again' part that crashes my computer - it seems the live stream works perfectly.

    This one specifically crashes the PC:

    (no comment on my listening choices please!)

  • Oh yws! crashes if i want to play the Episode Marriage-itis Episode 12 of 13.
    I can confirm this.

  • It does work OK in Firefox.

    Not just me then.

  • Confirmed crash here.
    I have seen this happen before on other sites, due to the Flash Player plugin crashing.
    I have a debug version of the Flash Player installed, and when I try to access the programme, a very long and complicated error message pops up from the Flash Player saying something about a security violation. When I dismiss the message the whole browser immediately just shuts down.

  • It's only going to get worse and the work-arounds will ultimately fail. For the life of me I cannot understand why some refuse to accept the reality of the situation and move on to either the new Blink version or another browser. At least consider Opera 25 which should address many of the concerns some have had for the new Opera browser. You cannot hold back time and eventually more and more sites will be incompatible with the older Presto browser. It's just a matter of time now.

  • Same here, it's been happening for the past two or three days with 'Listen again'. It shuts down the whole browser then the report box appears. The page layout changed at about the same time as these crashes began, I think.

  • The main reason people are sticking with Opera 12 is that the interface and options are perfectly fit for purpose for non-tablets.

    Too often people say 'you can't stop progress' when progress seems to be 'remove useful things from an application and most people will just accept it even if it isn't as good as previously.

    Speed is not an overall issue it is usability etc.

    Anyway, I don't want to get into that 'argument' - when 'they' are still trying to get the new Opera functionality upto the old one even after years you know something is wrong.

    Thanks for the feedback from others!