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[Request/Suggestion]Option to like or dislike a thread's first post (or the topic itself)

  • Currently we can only like or dislike comments on a thread/topic. I think that it would be interesting if we couls also like or dislike the topic itself because there are ones very interesting that bring good discussion or tips or ways to solve issues while there are others that aren't very useful and tends to bring only confusion.

    With this option a new user could easily know if a topic is considered good or not by the community.

  • I'd have some reservations in the support parts of the forums. As someone with a background in teaching, one of the things they taught us is "There's no such thing as a dumb question." As long as someone is asking for help, there is really no "Like" or "Dislike". Now if they're just ranting or making suggestions that might be appropriate ...

  • Well, people can be neutral as there wouldn't have any obligation on voting.

    I thought of it more as a way to help people finding help more easily. They could see the most liked topics and take them as examples on how to ask for help, how to give feedback and so on. And the most disliked could be examples on how to not post.

  • Hmm...
    (Leo, edit your "could" in the OP.)
    I see Steve's point. It's meaningful.

    In the past, entries could get liked/shared off for other sites - like Facebook, apart from blogs shared in the user's own one.
    We do not have blogs now; however, it could be interesting if we'd obtain a possibility to like/share topics on(to) certain other sources - like WordPress, Facebook, like that...

    As to the suggested liking topics right here, I'd speculate on that if the engine could count how many people have starred the discussion and, when a certain number's reached, rate the topic in a way... Like a badge for the topic<_<