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Site protection feature Annoying

  • It happened again today at another innocuous site. I don't believe the browser's protection feature has been adequately tested. It happens too often. I got the crossbar message again today for a bad site. It's an everyday thing on totally safe sites. When I tried to enter anyway, I wasn't allowed to but was flipped to another tile of mine. I couldn't backspace on the new tile to get to where I was, so had to reenter the original tile/site, find the place, and find the link. A nuisance finding it again. This time when I clicked on it, no problem and I could enter the site. Whew. Coast needs an update. This happens so often I'm not posting links unless I'm given a salary to do it. 😉 Coast needs to get rid of the site protection feature, unless they can get it to work without it's being a big nuisance.

  • @alexremen

    You asked for sites where I get messages on untrustworthy sites, today I got a message that the Opera forum was an untrustworthy site. That sort of staggered me. And that's my point about this site protection feature. As presently constituted, it seems more nuisance than help. Unless Opera can improve the feature, and make it better, Opera needs to eliminate the feature.

  • This is more than annoying. I set my tiles for the sites that I visit daily. This includes sites like Wired and others that have always changing content. I get a warning advising that the content has changed. Duh. I would hope so or I would be looking for other information providers.

    I get what you're trying to do but it does need more work. BTW - I am able to open the sites.

  • This is the most annoying aspect of any browser I have ever seen! Every time I go to my stock broker at (the largest and most secure in the workd) or my bank (Wells - also one of the largest and most secure in the world) I get a ridiculous security message from Coast that the site has changed or may be unsafe! This is beyond annoying. It's ridiculous. Yes I can then click thru to the site but I DON'T WANT MY BROWSER MAKING THESE DECISIONS FOR ME and making my online process twice as long as It has to be. I use Safari, Chrome, and others on my iPadAir2. NONE OF THEN MAKE MY ONLINE EXPERIENCE AS FRUSTRATING AS COAST. Yet Coast is a beautiful browser in most OTHER WAYS BUT PLEASE LET US TURN THESE OVERBLOWN SECURITY MEASURES OFF! It's driving me crazy. If there is another solution, please let us know. I'm speaking for many friends and employees who have exactly the same problem.

  • We're going to look at these problems and we're taking it very seriously. I've told a developer to start by looking at the sites that you have mentioned here, but also look a bit more generally that we issue too many warnings.

    A couple of questions, which could speed up fixes:

    • can you open the security pane and paste the contents (or a screenshot) the next time it happens?
    • do you connect using hotspots or other similar types of connections where you have to log in to get internet access or how do you connect?
  • This is JUST GETTING WORSE. Now it's happening with main Apple site, my banks, my brokerage accounts, CO ME ON. Just give us the choice to turn this OVER-protection off. This is a BIG.NEGATIVE.

  • New update is BETTER! Thanks for listening about the OVER-protection. Still too many warnings on perfectly secure financial sites like Fidelity but I'm going to add some stars and spread the word.

  • Still happening. Huff post today for some reason. Only recently a problem for me . Quite annoying

  • you also need a better ad blocker, some sites you go to have a hotsa virus that brings a popup that wont go away and you have to clear all browsing data to get the browser to work

  • blythe5050, can you give us an example of such site?

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