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Color not accurate playing Youtube videos with 12.04LTS?

  • You should disable hardware acceleration in adobe flash settings (not in opera).

  • sgunhouse, went into (opera:config#UserPrefs|EnableHardwareAcceleration) and it is set at 0, which means it is disabled.

    adasiko, how do you disable hardware acceleration in adobe flash settings?
    Went into adobe flash player but could not find that setting to disable it?

  • Right-click on a Flash animation/video; in some versions of Flash it is right on the menu, in others it is under global settings.

  • Just installed beta Opera 25.
    Playing around with it to familiarize myself with it and it won't play anything in Youtube!

  • That right-click item might be named "Parameters" (it's in Russian for me, so I'm not fully convinced). Then it's the leftest tab there for me, with a tickable box in it.

  • sgunhouse, I Right-click on a Flash animation/video, get Adobe Flash Player Settings,
    Enable hardware acceleration is checked off but it is Locked and I can't uncheck it or even close that settings page! I have to refresh it to close that Adobe Flash Player Settings box.

  • Well, sounds familiar:)
    Use double-click then. Yes, I'm drinking. Tea.

  • Opera 12 says Flash Player is installed.
    Opera 25 beta says Sorry, Flash Player is either not installed or not enabled.

  • I've no idea what it depends on, but sometimes those items react on single clicks - like normal, but sometimes they don't.
    Then one fine day, I discovered about double-clicking here and there (it pertains to ad windows on such sites/pages, too - I mean those blocking the played content).

  • joshl, tried all the above you recommend and it remains totally unresponsive for me.

  • It happens too...
    Maybe you should try another player? :idea:

  • Opera beta 25 shows it has HTML5 player but it won't play anything on Youtube.

  • Opera 12 says Flash Player is installed.
    Opera 25 beta says Sorry, Flash Player is either not installed or not enabled.

    You need to install the pepper flash plug-in (pepperflashplugin-nonfree), which should be in the Ubuntu repositories.

  • linuxmint7, pepper flash plug-in doesn't come up using Synaptic Package Manager or Ubuntu software center.

  • Having trouble with other sites play vids.
    While Opera 12 says Flash Player is installed and plays all fine.
    Opera 25 beta says Sorry, Flash Player is not installed and won't play at all.
    When attempting to install Flash 11 on Opera 25 Ubuntu Software Center says flash 11 is already installed!

  • Have you refreshed synaptic to make sure the package database is upto date ?.

  • Yes, refreshed synaptic.

  • I guess it's only available in the Trusty Tahr (14.04) and newer repositories then.

    As I am running Linux Mint 17 (based on 14.04) and it appears there for me.

  • On my distro, I had to install Google Chrome to get the plugin for 25.

  • Been playing around with 25 on 12.04 and am not impressed! Opera 25 won't play Youtube or Yahoo videos and any others for that matter.

    Then there is bookmarks or lack thereof!!! Most but not all bookmarks from 12.06 went over but they are all jumbled up in no organized listing and it seems like you have to do a lot more clicking to do what 1 click does in 12.06 or earlier Opera versions!!! What were they thinking?!?!?!