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  • Hello Burnout or anyone who has ideas regarding what I cited below,
    I've been using Opera since it began being developed and today I ran into a problem. I no longer can view the folders above my list of labels that I use in Opera Mail. I am running Windows 7 ultimate x64 and the version of Opera is 12.17, Build 1863. The Opera Platform is Win 32. So I cannot see the 'sent' messages as well as the other folders that used to appear above the listed labels.

    Thank you for your assistance,
    /* Phil */

  • Click on the spanner icon in the 'All messages' heading and click 'Customise', then place a tick next to all the virtual folders you wish to display from that list.

  • There is no 'All messages' heading the way my Opera has been set up and I cannot find 'Customize' anywhere in my setup. I appreciate your response but it is impossible for me to implement.

  • Sorry, linuxmint7, I meant to see if there is a way to upload an image of my set up but apparently there is not. So I will have to hope that someone can help me straighten this out. /* Philip */

  • You can upload an image to an image hosting site ( for example) and post the provided link here in your post.

  • I used Here is the link:

  • Hello linuxmint7,
    Apparently there is no way to download what I uploaded there. All one can do is view it and I cannot enlarge it so that it makes sense. I can upload it to which I belong to if you cannot view the uploaded image in detail. Thanks for your help. /* Phil */

  • @pkperl, I've just download your image and re-uploaded it. Here is the link to it below.

  • Right pkperl, your layout, theme and icons are a lot different to mine. But hopefully that should not cause a problem.

    Can you find the icon just above the number 2094 (which is your 'label' total), which looks like a paintbrush with blue, red, green dots above it and a green down arrow to its right ?.

    Clicking it should bring up a menu with a list of items similar to the ones below, does it ?.

    Account Name (This one will be different for you.)

    All Messages

    Mailing Lists

    Followed Contacts

    Followed Threads



  • No, linuxmint it doesn;t. It brings up the following choices which are all checked:
    Mail for
    Mail for
    Mail for
    Mail for
    followed by
    Reset Mail Panel to Default

    That's all that is there. I thought about clicking 'Reset etc' but was afraid that it would require going through all the options, settings, mail accounts, etc and therefore did not proceed.

    Thanks again,
    /* Philip */

  • I thought about clicking 'Reset etc' but was afraid that it would require going through all the options, settings, mail accounts, etc and therefore did not proceed.

    Afaik it only resets your mail panel to default.

  • So what do you think I should do next, Linuxmint? Reset the mail panel?
    /* Phil */

  • Hi pkperl, Was this the icon you click on (framed in your screen shot below) ?, if not, try clicking that one and see if you get the menu similar to the one I mention above.

  • Sorru it took a while to reply linuxmint, yes I clicked on the icon you specified and no, I don't get the menu exactly as you specified. I get the items cited in my earlier email from 1:05am
    /* Philip */

  • Ir's ridiculous that there's no means to edit things one posts. I made a typo wherein I meant to type 'Sorry' but there's no way to correct it. oh well.

  • (Just glancing at this thread really quickly and answering really quickly, so I may repeat some things others have said)

    "Alt + P -> advanced -> toolbars". Switch to the "Opera Standard" toolbar and menu setups for a moment.

    Click the wrench icon on the mail panel toolbar and choose "reset mail panel to defaults".

    That's all that should be needed if index.ini in the mail folder isn't messed up.

    If index.ini in the mail folder is messed up, launch opera.exe with the -pd "path to a folder" switch (by modifying a shortcut if that's easier for you). In that Opera, create a dummy pop account (, for the email address etc.) and then close Opera. In that folder's "mail" folder, take a look at index.ini and copy its category and indexes that define the "All Messages" access point and its views (any other default access points and views if necessary) to your index.ini (while Opera is closed) to repair your index.ini.

    Or, replace your index.ini with a super-recent backup if you have one. Or, at least make sure the default categories are set to hidden in the file.

    Just for good measure, before you do all of that above, you can download Opera again, launch the installer, click "options", make sure the "install path" is set to your Opera's program files folder and choose "upgrade". That should fix any corruption with Opera's program files.

    Another things you can do is close down Opera and delete in the sessions folder. Or, rename operaprefs.ini so Opera creates a new one.

    Check accounts.ini in the mail folder though to make sure all of your accounts are still defined. Sounds like they are, but you can check for good measure.

    If you get things working and you should back to your customized skin, toolbars and menus, then it's one of them.

  • Thanks Burnout, you solved the problem as usual. Greatly appreciated.
    all my best,
    /* Philip */

  • Awesome!. What'd you have to do specifically to fix it?

  • Sorry Burnout it took so long to reply. I was very busy dealing with a surgical procedure which I had today in Manhatan which improved my speaking voice and spent many days getting lab tests, talking to Drs, etc. But it was done today and I drove 2.5 hours home with no problem (even tho they said I shouldn't drive lol. Has someone with me in case I couldn't drive:) So here's what I utilized from your 10/8/14 email:

    ""Alt + P -> advanced -> toolbars". Switch to the "Opera Standard" toolbar and menu setups for a moment.

    Click the wrench icon on the mail panel toolbar and choose "reset mail panel to defaults"."

    Thanks for everything Burnout you are always a great help. I have one other problem with email which just occurred today -- it may have occurred b4 today but I just noticed it.

    I have utilized many 'lablels' and in some cases they have 4-5 sub sets under a particular label. They are all expandable using the '+' sign. Labels are a wonderful Opera feature.
    The problem is that whereas I once had a master label, I forget it's name, to which I could drag labels in order to have them sorted properly I currently do not have a master label which contains all labels within it.

    Now if something gets out of order and perhaps becomes a subset of a equivalent level 'label' I have no master label to drag it to so it is reset in its proper order. Is there any way to create a new label which will be a super set of all the labels?

    all my best to you and yours,
    /* Philip */

  • Is there any way to edit posted comments? I noticed typos in the comment i just posted.'besty' should be 'busy' /* Philip */