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Wny is Opera 24 so "SLOW" in Windows 7?

  • Hello,

    I have had Opera as my default browser in laptops since the days of 3.x. I began with Opera Mini on a 'phone in 2003 and added Opera Mobile later on.

    Opera on the PC was always so FAST and could keep up with my highspeed typing.

    Opera 24 on my new Toshiba W50 Workstation Tecra is slower than IE on a bad day. I can load Chrome, IE, Firefox and SeaMonkey/Mozilla twice over before the Opera URL is fully launched.

    Will there be an uprade soon, or is the end of Opera being fast? My DSL provider told me in advance that Opera 24 is "not a very good browser" and so far he's right.

    Regards, Douglas Henderson

  • Do you have any extensions in Opera 24? Try disabling them all to see if that makes a difference. If it does, you can hunt for the culprit extension, by re-enabling and testing one at a time.

  • Maybe I got the solution. I installed Microsoft Silverlight so I could watch a tv serie. Silverlight was not compatible with Opera so I used Firefox. But after a while I discovered that Opera was so slow and even some pages didnt opened. I couldnt understand why but after a while I was thinking about Silverlight and uninstalled it, and yes now its no problem. Check if you got Microsoft Silverlight installed and try to remove it and restart computer and see whats happend.

  • What do you mean slow?
    Page render speed?
    Input lag?
    Unsmooth scrolling?
    Page download speed?
    Anything else? "Slow" doesn't tell us what the problem is.

  • Page loading

    Enter a URL ... press Enter ... get some coffee. Clicking a link has a similar delay.

    Not 100% ... sometimes slow, sometimes quick

    It may be DNS resolution problems or another cause not directly related to Opera, but it is annoying.

    (no extensions installed so Silverlight is a separate problem)

  • Probably Opera Turbo has turned itself on? Check the pull down menu on the left and if you find a way of turning Turbo off FOREVER pleeeeease tell me!

  • [Mod Edit: Off topic comment removed]

  • Javascript in Opera (presto) has always been slow, and always will now development has been stopped for this classic version of Opera. This is one of (but not the only) reasons Opera ASA decided to build a new version of Opera from scratch using the Blink rendering engine, as javascript runs blazingly fast using that engine, compared to Presto.