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  • The problem is that wneh I run any online video in more than 720p quality it runs not smooth. Other browsers play them without any problems. Has anybody faced this problem? I'm using the lastest version, but I also had this problem in previous versions. Besides other browsers are ok. Thanks.

  • Hi, it's probably an issue with the NPAPI plug-in. Try the PPAPI Flash plug-in:

  • ...but I also had this problem in previous versions.

    Which previous versions? NuOpera?

    There's this thing: the more tabs I'm having active - the more difficulties my machine experiences in rendering dense content - like games and video.
    They say nuOpera uses separate processes for each tab, plus for each extension, active plugin, like that...
    So you see, it might be if your hard specs are not exactly Formula1 in the first place. For one, I use different browsers for different things, and one of them is for games and videos - no facebooks anyway run well there, so I usually have a couple of other tabs when watching and perhaps even less when gaming.

  • It won't help. 😞

  • I'm using the lastest version...

    Which latest version?
    I reckon you weren't talking about the latest Opera Presto - 12.17, were you?
    Is it Opera Stable 24? (If not next or dev, is it?)
    What are your device's specs?

  • Hi, it's probably an issue with the NPAPI plug-in. Try the PPAPI Flash plug-in:

    Looks like it's solved the problem.

    I know, that soft developing it's not easy process, but we are losing many users by bugs like this one.

  • Thanks for the tip. This helped me to.
    I am using Opera Developer and some time ago it just started stuttering all fullscreen videos except youtube, using HTML5 there.
    Did not have a clue what it was but this PPAPI fixed it.

  • I have this problem with Opera 26, but it was probably there for quite a long time and I didn't pay attention to it before. But now I've lost my patience and switched to Comodo's Internet Chromium Secure which is the only chromium based browser that works for me on Windows 7 64 bit.
    Before that I tried to play with PPAPI and NPAPI plugins in Opera, but it didn't help. I also know it's not caused by the hardware because I have both Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7 64 bit installed on the my computer and the problem exist only in Win 7. When I boot to Win XP and use the same version of Opera to stream the same video, it works fine. I tried Google Chrome but removed it after it froze the entire computer during streaming few times. I tried Comodo Dragon but it did exactly the same thing as Google Chrome. I tried SRWare Iron, but the synchronisation function didn't work. Only the Comodo's Internet Chromium Secure does everything I wanted from Opera and does it well without freezing or stuttering.

  • Thanks for the suggestion.It helps me too....