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Opera 12.17 Right Click "Open With" - Is It Possible To Add Another Browser To The List?

  • I now have "open with" Internet Explorer, but I would like to add another browser to that list, if possible.

    What I am asking is when Opera is open, and I have a web page displayed, I want to add another browser to the right click "Open With" option, so that that R click will show "Opera, Internet Explorer", and another browser I have installed

    Can this be implemented??

    Thanks in advance

    (I do not mean a right click in the File Manager.

  • That list is generated by reading this registry key -
    If you are comfortable with registry editing you can manually add another browser there, just copy the format used in the key for Internet Explorer.
    I don't know of any easier way to add anything to that particular list I'm afraid.

  • ok, I appreciate your input, but I do not understand why adding this key will change my right click options within Opera 12.17.

    Maybe I didn't make myself clear. What I want to do is if I have a page open in Opera, and I right click anywhere on that page, one of the right click options is "Open With" - if I select Internet Explorer, that same page will open in IE. In your example, there are a few keys listed under StartMenuinternet/IEXPLORE.EXE.

    I will edit my post.

    None of those registry keys have anything to do with Opera at all.

    Can you please explain further, sorry for being so dense.


  • Dave, is it possible that a user's "default browser" will likely get listed there?

  • Strange though it may seem, that registry key IS where Opera 12 gets the information from to generate that menu list.
    Opera itself should be at the top of the list, and any other browsers that are registered in that key should also be listed.
    I have subkeys there for Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Netscape (!), Internet Explorer, and Opera 12 and Opera Developer.
    If you have a browser installed that isn't listed, try reinstalling it.

  • Ok, I understand, and I just installed the "New" Opera 24, and now yes, the registry key is as you said with Opera Stable listed, and in my Opera 12.17 the list in "Open With" includes it also.

    Wow, thanks so much

  • No problem!

  • First--I admire and appreciate those whose computering knowledge is 'solid' in The Registry.

    In one of my Test Machines, I have Opera 12.17 as my default...then I have installed '24', Chrome, Firefox, Safari...and, naturally, I.E.

    When I right click on 'Open with...' they ALL just, simply, show in the list. The 'Opera' in the list will be '24'. Interestingly, Chrome shows on the list twice, but either works fine.

    Maybe I just hold my mouse right, I dunno... but that's how it goes here, and I've done so many tests it appears to me that 12.17 will always remain my Book Mark Manager/ well as traffic cop to whatever other browser I can so easily 'move to'.... for my Two PINTHEA URLs.

    Hope this helps, not hinders...