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Scheduled logout

In order to introduce new security features and enhance your experience with Opera Forums we had to terminate all sessions that were started before Monday, March 25, 15:00 UTC.
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Bizarre Trackpad Behaviour

  • Hiya

    For years now (3 different laptops, 3 different versions of Ubuntu), I've had this really weird problem with Opera:

    If I make a delicate (1cm)(left to right) swipe on the trackpad scrollbar, it spontaneously abandons the current page, and searches (google) for whatever is in the clipboard.

    Drives me insane - it happens about 50 times a day. Disabling mouse gestures doesn't make a difference... I've just spent a couple of hours trying to catch it as a jquery event... not having a lot of luck there either.

    Any ideas on how to stop this?

    Opera Details:
    Version 12.16
    Build 1860
    Platform Linux
    System x86_64, 3.13.0-35-generic
    Ubuntu 14.04

  • Sorry - that should have been "right to left"

  • Trackpad scrolling is being interpreted as a middle-click? Strange ...

    Under Preferences > Advanced > Shortcuts there is a button called Middle-click options. In Linux, there is an option to treat middle-click as Paste or to enable fast scrolling - it would seem you're set to Paste currently. If the middle-click does not occur over a text area, Opera treats it as "Paste and go" and of course if the pasted text is not a URL this results in a search for that text with the default search engine.

    You can either try to figure out why scrolling is being translated as a middle-click, change how Opera responds to middle-clicks (in Preferences as stated earlier), or go into opera:config and tell it not to do that "Paste and go".

  • Ah you're a genius. Fixed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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