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  • Hi,

    The current version of fedora does not support the reproduction of Live Videos on youtube:

    	"ns": "yt",
    	"el": "detailpage",
    	"cpn": "2moYhqxYZ3AYA356",
    	"docid": "9DXGrOU5wKQ",
    	"ver": 2,
    	"cmt": "0",
    	"ei": "4QFeYcrSGoGNj-8PkLe3KA",
    	"fs": "0",
    	"rt": "19.667",
    	"of": "zxyvQMwdAJlIgsU-gSyxVA",
    	"euri": "",
    	"lact": 1,
    	"live": "dvr",
    	"cl": "399829848",
    	"mos": 0,
    	"state": "80",
    	"volume": 100,
    	"cbr": "Opera",
    	"cbrver": "80.0.4170.16",
    	"c": "WEB",
    	"cver": "2.20211006.00.00",
    	"cplayer": "UNIPLAYER",
    	"cos": "X11",
    	"cplatform": "DESKTOP",
    	"delay": 5,
    	"hl": "en_US",
    	"cr": "*",
    	"fexp": "23748147,23843878,23983296,23986028,24001373,24002022,24002025,24004644,24007246,24064555,24080738,24082662,24094715,24101841,24106092,24106565,24106628",
    	"muted": "0",
    	"vct": "0.000",
    	"vd": "NaN",
    	"vpl": "",
    	"vbu": "",
    	"vpa": "1",
    	"vsk": "0",
    	"ven": "0",
    	"vpr": "1",
    	"vrs": "0",
    	"vns": "0",
    	"vec": "null",
    	"vemsg": "",
    	"vvol": "1",
    	"vdom": "1",
    	"vsrc": "0",
    	"vw": "766",
    	"vh": "431",
    	"debug_error": "{\"errorCode\":\"html5.unsupportedlive\",\"errorMessage\":\"This video format is not supported.\",\"mD\":\"HTML5_NO_AVAILABLE_FORMATS_FALLBACK\",\"oi\":\"\",\"CF\":\"buildRej.1;a.1;d.1;drm.0;f18.0;c18.0;f133.1;f140.1;f242.1;cAVC.0;cAAC.0;cVP9.1;a6s.0\"}",
    	"prerolls": "heartbeat,ad",
    	"ismb": 4800000,
    	"latency_class": "NORMAL",
    	"segduration": 5,
    	"lat": 0,
    	"relative_loudness": "NaN",
    	"user_qual": 0,
    	"release_version": "youtube.player.web_20210928_1_RC1",
    	"debug_videoId": "9DXGrOU5wKQ",
    	"0sz": "false",
    	"op": "",
    	"yof": "true",
    	"dis": "",
    	"gpu": "ANGLE_(X.Org,_AMD_R600,_OpenGL_2.1_Mesa_20.3.5)",
    	"debug_playbackQuality": "unknown",
    	"debug_date": "Wed Oct 06 2021 *"

    I already tried configuring opera with the chromium-ffmpeg library ( but this library does not provide av_stream_get_first_dts symbol required by Opera version 80.0.4170.16.

    Any idea about how to solve this?

  • @waldyd

    can you provide a link to the video that doesn't work ? does twitter work for you?

    I'm running Zorin linux but what I did was:

    1. install chromium-ffmpeg from snap then

    2. find on your system.
      in terminal: locate
      mine produced this:


    1. backup the opera's
      sudo mv /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera/ /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera/

    2. copy on of the files over (might be trial and error pick one of the newer ones):
      sudo cp /snap/chromium-ffmpeg/23/chromium-ffmpeg-103551/chromium-ffmpeg/ /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera/

    3. restart opera. if it works then you are in luck.