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  • I have no idea, didn't even know Opera worked for Chrome book ._.

  • Looks like someone else had the same problem with Netflix, I'll look into it.

  • Thank you jaanesen.

    With opera 24 everything is working perfectly fine.

  • Yep, seems it might be related to a problem with java, but as long as it works in 24 you'll survive for now 🙂 Java problems are pretty high prioritized so it will be fixed soon I believe 😃

  • Cheers Mate.

    Can you let us know as soon as you fixed it?

  • I can confirm that Netflix does not work in 25 beta.

  • Hi, I found another issue since Opera 25 Update.
    On, for example

    I'm not able to watch the videos with activated AdBlock Extension.

    Before everything was fine, Ads were blocked. Now instead of Ads I get a black screen. The actual workaround for me is to pause AdBlock - and watch Ads. 😞
    Would be great if this could be fixed! Or maybe it's no real Opera Problem and I have to wait til AdBlock Update?

  • Another problem with 25 beta is the huge amount of wasted space above the tabs and the + button on the bookmarks bar is just taking up space. Instead of the + button there should just be a right click option.

  • I don't like this redundancy in the new Opera in general. The same with the + button in speed dial. I found 5 options to add a site to speed dial, and I can't disable only 1 to have better overview.

    • +button in speed dial
    • the same with right click in speed dial
    • the heart button in address line
    • entry in "Opera" menu
    • right click on the page you like

    I use only the heart button. There are more examples, not only speed dial. But I think, when the "new pages" are completely redesigned now, it's the right time to reconsider this redundancy. For me 1 click option and 1 key combination is enough - in every software.

  • I have been using Opera for a long time. Like atleast 8-9 years. Used it on my old Win XP PC, then on old Nokia phones (symbian) and then on my Win 7 PC and Win 8 laptop and Note 3 android.

    I was using Opera 12 for long time till I decided to update to Opera 24. Just to realize there is no section for bookmarks and notes. These are very important as I have bookmarks and notes which I have been using for all these years. Same with feed list.

    So I decided to see if it was fixed with Opera beta 25 but no now sync does not work and Speed dial, bookmarks are empty Yes I know I can check them on but I want it stored on my PC.

    So my question is what is being done to fix this?

    I have saved opml file list of feeds and html file list for bookmarks which I exported from Opera 12.
    So if Opera are not interested in fixing this then maybe I can find some other software.

    I don't mind opera charging for services like some other softwares but it should be reliable.

  • If I remember correctly the sync is going to land at the same time as bookmarks as they go hand in hand well. As for now bookmark manager etc is in beta and developer builds and things are meant to not work perfectly there as that's where we mainly find most important bugs. But as the new bookmark manager is already in Beta, means that it's soon to be ready to go stable 😃

  • I can confirm that Netflix does not work in 25 beta.

    I decided to give Opera another go this weekend and, yep, no Netflix. Bummer. Back to Chrome. I'll look in again in a couple of months.