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  • Request for the following options (opt-in):

    • Ability to allow each Workspace to store last opened window when closing via the "X" (or similar methods) instead of only with Menu + Exit. Behavior would be the same as simply restoring last opened tabs except each Workspace would have its own set of them. This makes managing multiple sessions simple, elegant, and easy to prevent unnecessary use of system resources (do we really need ~5+ windows opening every time just to preserve our session??).
    • Ability to preserve closed windows in Opera's Full History page similar to how it does in the "short" history menu. This would make reopening/recovering windows simple and would be a clever way to reorganize them into Workspaces later if needed. Opera's full History page stores closed windows as individual entries which makes it frustrating to remember how you had them organized to begin with.
    • Ability to store and rearrange additional windows in a Workspace.

    I'd like to emphasize that my request is intended to be "opt-in" so that people who do not want or need this can simply ignore this post.

    I'm aware of "Menu + Exit" being what may have been intended but it is too clunky for my needs as it requires a user to close Opera that specific way. Even if a user successfully closes Opera properly, it will reopen everything rather than whichever Workspace you want to focus on. I want to be able to simply open/close a Workspace and have it be as I left it every time regardless of what other Workspaces I may have open or how I chose to close them.

    I'm also aware that saving tabs as folders can suffice for this but it is quite cumbersome compared to what I've suggested above. Bookmarking opened tabs this way also exacerbates the issue of duplicating bookmarks. This is a problem for people like me who organize bookmarks meticulously by topic and would likely never open a folder of them in a single window since they may not all apply to what I'm doing. Seriously, Workspaces retaining their individual windows would be incredible for productivity! I truly hope that you consider my request for these optional features so that everyone can look forward to a better browsing experience in the future! Thank you.

    PS: I wanted to Edit in some tags to my original post but I do not see any confirmation that it ever posted. I am trying again now without some extensions enabled just in case. I apologize for any duplicate posts!