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  • Having a check box when creating or editing the settings for a workspace, where anything then done within that workspace does not have its browsing history recorded/cache recorded etc.
    Effectively making that workspace private browsing/incognito.
    Similar to the incognito window for Chrome, but much tidier.

    I use Opera GX so ideally for that, as there is not a feature suggestion page for it.

  • @will-ko What prevents you from using a private window while in a workspace?

  • @leocg
    This would be a quality of life feature.
    Since switching from Chrome to Opera GX I've loved the ease of access to everything.
    Every time I've started to do something that I would have done in Chrome previously I've found a neat and tidy way to do it. With the exception of private browsing.

    I utilise workspaces based on topics of browsing. Creating new ones when the need arises.
    So for example at the moment I have one for general browsing for anything I fancy running through a search engine.
    I then have one for planning a new PC build, locating the best price for parts etc.
    One for gaming related tabs/pages.
    One for warhammer 40k lore I'm reading.
    Being able to keep everything tidy in a single window is great.

    Previously in Chrome I did this using different windows which was messy, then eventually grouped tabs when that was implemented, which was similar to workspaces.

    When it came to private browsing, for example buying/searching for a gift for my partner or planning a surprise trip away. I would open a new incognito window, so no matter what I searched or looked through, however many tabs I opened regardless of how I opened them I could be safe knowing I wasn't going to ruin a surprise gift/trip with the history or cache being stored or recorded.

    In Opera gx I can open a private window which almost has the desired effect, but it's not as sleek and tidy as having a workspace do the same thing.

    If I was to use a singular private tab within a workspace then you would have to ensure every tab opened was a private tab.

    Being able to set a specific workspace for private browsing within a singular window, would be less conspicuous, tidier, sleeker.