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  • Hello!

    So I'll post the main things here :

    Issue: I am unable to watch any sort of media on Opera GX, except for Youtube. Everything else, keeps telling me I don't have a supported browser, or it's out of date. ( In exampe : Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Twitch. )

    Version of Opera Gx: 78

    Windows: Windows 11 Pro ( Browsers read it as Windows 10.0 NT )

    HTML5 Test reads that my browser does not support H.264, H.265, or MPEG. Supports AAC.

    Trouble shooting steps I've tried, : Resetting OperaGX to default, uninstalling and reinstalling OperaGX. Turning off Hardware accelerator both in flags and system, turning them back on. Turned off all ad blockers. Messed with Opera://compononets as Netflix stated I needed to go there to make sure it's up to date ( it is ).

    This issue sprang up after I installed 2 new drives to my PC and removed my old HDD.

    I old storage layout was :

    M.,2 = Windows, and all the browsers and important stuff,
    SSD: Games,
    HDD: Games and extra storage.

    I removed the HDD and ever since then I've been having these issues and my HDD is wiped already. Not only that but games as well have been issues that I had to fix so I'm uncertain as to what was even in my HDD that would cause all these things to stop working.

    Any help would be appreciated as I don't wanna use Chrome, since Chrome is the only browser that works for me right now lol

    Also, Windows Media Feature pack does not show up at all for Windows 11, so there is no way for me to get it.

  • @pabg Can you play videos in regular Opera?

    Run winver and post the result here. Cover any personal info.

    Also go to opera://gpu and post just the first section here.

  • @leocg Winver is here


    All the info you asked for, as for running videos in regular Opera, I can't either. I tried. Downloaded Opera 80 to test it, still nothing.

    I have this same issue with Firefox aswell, but since Opera Gx is my main browser, I want to fix it here.

  • @pabg Do you have hardware acceleration disabled by chance?

    Try updating Windows 11 to version 22000.168.

  • @leocg I've turned it off and enabled it to test it and still to no avail.

    Also, going through Windows Update in settings, it's showing my system is up to date.

    Screenshot of Windows Settings showing it's up to date

  • @pabg With hardware acceleration turned on, opera://gpu shows what is on the screen shot you've shared? If so, then it's not working.

    Your graphics card driver is up to date?

  • @leocg Sorry about that! I had it disabled currently since I was testing it the whole disabling and enabling

    Here's the opera://gpu with Hardware acceleration turned on.

    Regarding my drivers, a new one just came out yesterday so at the moment, mine isn't fully updated, but it's the newest one before the one yesterday.

  • @pabg OK, now hardware acceleration seems normal. Don't know why you can't play videos.
    Here I also have Windows 11 and media plays fine.

    Do you use any extension? Already checked with them disabled?

  • @leocg I don't have any extensions at this moment, since I reinstalled Opera and reset to default settings everything/ reset to default Opera.