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Trouble with pinned Youtube channel tabs in saved Opera Workspaces

  • I am on Windows 10 Pro 64bit, I am on the latest Opera version 78. It Just updated to the latest version (Version:78.0.4093.112) before I posted this, so I was on whatever version number I was automatically updated to before that when the below-described happened.

    I have 8 different Workspaces set on my Opera, each one with a large number of tabs pinned. Two of those, I have a long list of Youtube channels of various sorts pinned, along with channels at several other video-hosting places.

    Today, I fired up Opera like usual, went off to do my usual activities in it... But also, at some point, I glanced at a tab saved from the previous night that was of a Youtube channel I'd just found the day before, but upon opening the tab this session, I discovered that the tab now pointed to the Youtube mainpage instead of to whatever the channel page was. I was now looking at the "Oh, look what random new videos showed up today!" page. I shrugged, and figured I must have accidently dragged over the wrong tab from the other Opera window last night, and so I closed that tab and went back to what I was doing before.

    And then several hours later, I went to go look at one of my two. dedicated Opera Workspaces for saved video channels... and suddenly realized that more than half of my saved Youtube channel tabs were now pointing to the Youtube mainpage, and Not to the Youtube channel I had pinned on the particular tab. There wasn't any go-back history recorded for any of those tabs, either, so it's not something where it got redirected to some other page From that saved channel page... or if it did, it was something that happened in a way that overwrote the web address history for that tab. The bizarre thing is, it seems to have done this replace thing on only Some of the stored Youtube channel tabs, completely at random. But it happened to more than half of them.

    I do Not know what happened here. All I did was turn the machine back on for the day, fire up Opera and let it load all the saved tabs and stuff from when I last exited out of Opera... like it has done successfully for many, many months without issue.

    This lost-tab-addresses thing Might have something to do with the fact that my Internet connection has been randomly going up and down briefly all day for the past 2 or 3 days, causing pages to give me a "This page cannot be reached" error at random throughout the day, where maybe 10 or 15 seconds later the page loads again like normal.

    The other bizarre thing is, this lost-channel-address thing seems to have happened only with Youtube. It has Not happened with any of the other massive number of pinned pages I have, such as ones pointing to web-forum pages or to online-shopping product pages I have pinned. I do Not know if this malfunction is something Opera did, or if this malfunction is something Youtube did.

    Thing is, I need to find a way to retrieve those lost Youtube channels and get them repinned. I have a set of folders I drag-and-dropped desktop shortcuts into for lots and lots of Youtube channels, but I don't remember which ones out of those I had pinned, and in what order, but a large number of them I had pinned in more or less the same order going back months, and I also have an older copy of my Opera settings folder from Roaming preserved from back in May... my problem is, try as I might, I cannot locate whatever file it is in there that contains the saved, pinned tabs and stuff. My understanding is that there's potentially supposed to be a folder or files named Last Session in there, and the like, but I'm not finding those in there anywhere, or anything else that looks like it simply has my saved tabs' addresses in it from back then, nor can I find anything like that in the existing Roaming, either.

    I am at a loss. I do not know why suddenly, over half of my saved tabs for Youtube got borked like that, or what to do to get those saved addresses back where they're supposed to be... manually (by seeing them on a list and simply loading the particular channel again and positioning the tab back where I want it) or from some incrementally-saved backup.

    I guess what I'm mainly asking is: Where exactly Are the addresses of the tabs saved to from session to session that I could examine the contents of (i.e. in Notepad++), and is there some other way to retrieve this info from my Opera history?

    At that, I could have sworn that at one point in the past, it was possible to scroll back into the History pane and, in addition to showing the pages you'd navigated to as you went along, it would show all tabs loaded back in at each session-startup, but I'm seeing no indication of that in there now.