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Win 7. Opera updated to 78.0.4093.112. Memory being chewed up

  • This post is deleted!
  • Firstly and off topic (because I don't know where else to ask for help)

    Will a mod please fix or otherwise email instructions to my associated email address on what could be causing my "login" issue, and subsequent nonsensical ban?

    The email said:

    "This is the reason why you have been banned:

    Use of caps"

    Ludicrous. I have less than 10 total posts on this forum.

    Congruent to the above, I have no issue logging in to the "auth" portal, in which when I do login, under Sessions", I always see a "twin" login from another address (usually a German ip address). I clear all the logins except the current one.

    I have no clue why this is happening and it seems to coincide w/my upgrade to the 78 tree.

    As to the original issue:

    It is apparently the paging file that explodes soon after I open a private window. And I cannot reclaim that memory (disk space) unless I completely shut down and restart Opera.

    This started happening immediately after I updated to 78. My behavior hasn't changed: open tabs, private window tabs opened, etc.

    The only thing I haven't done since updating is reboot the computer. I will try that but it seems that I will have to find some way to downgrade to get this browser back to a useable state.

    I'm literally down from 1.5gb to 145mb after only opening temporarily a private window with one or two tabs (doing that several times)

    I don't want to reinstall, lose my session with 140 tabs, my history, cookies and profile.

    That seems like killing a mosquito with a bazooka to me.

    A simple update should not wreak this much havoc with memory/paging file.

    But please, someone who can, please look into the forum issue and communicate to me through email.

    I see western56 was banned by for asking why I'd been banned.

    Something is seriously broken.

  • @ultraj If you are facing issues to login into your Opera account, open a topic explaining it.

  • @ultraj Having only 1.5GB of free disk space may be a problem already.

    While in Opera, use Shift + Esc to open the internal task manager and keep checking to try to find out what is using that much memory.

    Rename the profile directory to force the creation of a new one, and check if it changes anything.

  • having exactly the same problem.updating to 78.0.4093.147 didnt solve the problem.
    used to have 30 and more tabs open
    .after updating it crashes after some time and after 4-6 tabs.
    no other changes in software and hardware ,just opera update .there is plenty of memory and space on ssd.

  • I have the same problem.
    Even if I just open 3-4 tabs, the operation is very slow and may crash.
    Reinstalling several times did not help.
    Reverting to 77.0.4054.277 solved the problem.
    Disabling the automatic update schedule is mandatory.

  • @xinyes507
    I've been holding out hope that subsequent 78 updates would address the issue but doesn't seem like it yet, so it appears reverting is the only solution to have a usable browser.

    By reverting back to the 77 tree did you lose:

    Profile including installed extensions?
    Current season open tabs?

    Could you either link to specific instructions to revert, or lay out the procedure here?


  • Sorry for the late reply.

    I uninstalled the new version and installed the old version.
    Old versions are available here.

    To stop automatic updates, disable "Opera scheduled Autoupdate".
    Control panel > management tool > task scheduler

  • @ultraj said in Win 7. Opera updated to 78.0.4093.112. Memory being chewed up:

    By reverting back to the 77 tree did you lose:

    Profile including installed extensions?
    Current season open tabs?

    No risk doing:

    • Menu -> Help -> About Opera
      there paths to back up
    • revert version back
    • if easily find the portable version DL, get it makes easier to control by having all in on place i.e. Opera install dir.
  • I finally rolled back to the 77 version

    I waited out All the versions in the 78 series..

    I Even held out for this new 79 branch hoping that this issue would be addressed, but no.

    None of them fixed this very fatal memory issue as I described in the OP

    Once I opened the private window (it seems), and got beyond "some limit", of tabs, or I don;'t know what, my virtual memory (i.e., my disk space via my paging file) got eaten up in Huge gulps of several hundred megs at a clip. This ate up all the rest of my (sparse) free disk space real fast.

    It became impossible to use the browser as I had to constantly restart it which then released that space back, but ofc I had to start the browser all over and open up the tabs I use constantly so they are "updated".

    Back to 77, everything works great.

    I can have 100 tabs actually active And plenty opened and active in the private window too, to No detriment to my disk space (memory via page file or whatever).

    I've no idea if this is Opera's bug or the Chrome base but at least I can use the browser normally again.

  • @ultraj Yup, Thats the problem i am having except i am not using Private Tabs. The minute i start browsing my tabs, CPU and memory usage skyrockets. If I leave it alone for a while, it all comes back down to not an ideal but still ok amount. I keep updating hoping it will be fixed but still nothing. Same issues, i never had this issue with the older versions, its only been the updates for the past month or 2.

  • @ultraj When i did this, it seemed to fix the memory issues i was coming across.