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  • Hello,

    I like the idea of workspaces. But as of now it is quite confusing,as the there is no real differentiation between workspaces (beside the small icon) (I'm using Opera GX)

    It would be nice, if I could choose a different color scheme per workspace, or if the color scheme is automagically generated from the name.

  • @adrian2k7 So keen to see this happen! My workspaces work great but the messy header appearance makes it very hard to identify them. I am asking that the group headers be similar to the options for individual site links. Maybe a generic, pre-generated one (see attachment) with a customisable colour and name or additional colour coding. Its just for easy spotting.
    Perhaps the group name (currently under) could be optional whether it's under the group, or on top, or removed completely.
    opera workspace.png
    The other obvious option is to add a custom image (any kind) to define a group.

  • @conan99 So each workspace should have a different Speed Dial layout, that's it? How it would be helpful in better differentiate one workspace from the other? What if the person doesn't use Speed Dials?

  • @leocg Yes, each workspace should be able to be customised so they look a little different from the one next to it! At the moment, these workspaces are represented by a graphic of four speed dials, which doesn't help to differentiate them from each other (at a glance).

    For example, if I have a workspace containing links that refer to piano playing, then I can personal how that group appears say with a plain colour and the word 'Piano', or have a picture of a piano.

    I'm not sure what you mean by someone who doesn't use speed dials, this is simply adding options for those that do - And have so many they need to group them into subjects!

  • @conan99 Since you can't see more than one workspace at a time (meaning it's content) and that they all share the same speed dials, how the different layouts would help to know in which workspace you are?

    Wouldn't be more easier to use, for example, a piano or other music related icon/emoji for that workspace with the piano playing related tabs?

  • @leocg I think I'm getting confused by the labels here.
    I thought a folder on my speed dial was called a 'workspace' but its not.

    My request only relates to the folders in speed dial. They currently are made from screen shots of a few speed-dials within and they have no options for customising their look like the individual links do.
    My current workspace has about 300 individual links of which 280 are kept in groups of similar areas. The individual links are easy to find, I can colour them, select different images etc, but the folders are quite similar in appearance, and at first glance, hard to tell one apart from another. If I could customise their appearance I could tell straight away which group is for Piano, or Web design, or Building etc.
    As I said, this is pretty much the same options you already have for selecting how an individual link appears on your speed dial.

    If you need another picture to explain more clearly what I mean, let me know.

  • @conan99 This topic is about Opera's workspaces (

    What you are talking about are Speed Dials. Therefore, it has nothing to do with this topic and you have to create a new one for your request (or find an existing one about the same thing you are suggesting, if you prefer).