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Trying to use navigator.share crashes Opera tab

  • I have a website that uses window.navigator.share() to share links, which is part of the Web Share API. I can consistently crash Opera GX 75.0.3969.282 (downloaded today) by opening up the developer tools, and executing the following in the console tab:

    navigator.share({title: "test"})

    The page immediately crashes. This is on a refresh install of Opera GX on Windows 10, no extentions.

    Since the Web Share API isn't supported by all browsers, I'm doing a check to see if navigator.share exists before calling it. In Opera, that function exists, but it always seems to crash the tab, regardless of the object I pass into it.

    Funny enough, Opera supports navigator.canShare(), and that functions, but .share still crashes:

    navigator.canShare({title: "test"}); // -> true
    navigator.share({title: "test"}); // -> Crashes tab

    Anyone have experience with navigator.share? Is this a bug within Opera?