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  • Really fast and good browser. VPN, Ad blocking etc. It stands out with its many features. but there are great reasons why it is not popular.
    There is even an issue where it fails seriously. It doesn't know what its users want or worse, it doesn't care about its users. The Opera browser is like a block of marble. Hard, sharp lines that are not open to customization at all. It just needs to be beautiful from a distance. The Opera browser is like a block of marble. Hard, sharp lines that are not open to customization at all. It just needs to be beautiful from a distance. Difficult to use, bad colors, difficult to understand.
    Maybe no official will care about what I said, but if you add the features I mentioned, I guarantee you that you can increase your market share incredibly within 1 year.

    Features / Changes

    • Bring a theme system or let us know how to change the color of everything. (Tab color, menu color, bar color, etc. Within the rules) Because your taste does not appeal to everyone.

    • Add vertical bar auto hide feature and manual on / off button on the left (Easy to place)

    • Optionally, a classic menu should be added to win old / old users. (Like a File, Edit, View, Help)

    • Have you tried to shrink by holding the top of the browser with 20 tabs open? (Without pressing the Minimize button. By dragging.) There is no space to hold it. You're holding the tab accidentally ! I do not understand how you cannot think of such a simple situation.

    • It may be a personal request, but add a feature similar to the master password feature in firefox.

    • The dark theme isn't actually dark. looks more like blue theme. Which clever designer chose this color? How many users are satisfied with it?

    • The news section is very insufficient. Take some example from the Bundle application. It has a very political situation in some countries. Similar opinion news are always coming out. The source should be selected, there should be many options, it should be possible to add manually (maybe RSS)

    • The Speed Dial tab grid system should be customizable. Aspect ratio, number of lines, number of items in 1 line, etc.

    • Add margin on top of tab bar. (Maybe 5 or 8 px) This makes it easy to hold the window.

    • Optionally, the tab bar should be able to be taken to the bottom.

    • The menus to the left and right of the address bar should be customizable. (Adding home page button, hiding buttons, changing their position etc.

    • Optionally, the tabs in the tab bar should be able to color. (it can even be connected with the workspace system)

    • Autoplay should be able to be disabled

    • Battery Saver features should be left to user selection. When Opera is first installed, a screen for Battery Saver settings should appear. (Not everyone uses a mobile device.)

    • The search box that can be added to the address bar should be resizable

    • The closing slide effect of the tabs should be accelerated. Currently Browser creates the perception that it is slower.

    • A button should be placed in the right menu where we can provide feedback for unblocked ads or add a blocking rule.

    Actually, I have more ideas. After adding the specified features, you will see that I am right. If you ask some questions to its users, you can actually get very good feedback. Open your ears. Please

    If you want to hear more of my ideas, you can contact me 🙂

  • @mrgogo One request /suggestion per topic.