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  • Windows 10
    Opera GX version: 75.0.3969.267

    Lately I had some sound problems with my right ear cup in Hyperx Cloud Alpha(had them since end of october 2020), so I'm very sensitive to any foreign sounds.

    I've heard a very high-pitched screech that is a little painful to ear, yesterday there ( at 2:10:28 minute mark and today here ( at 3:42:48 and 3:44:52 minute mark, both in right ear cup. So those problems appeared lately(a little more than a week ago) and now one day after another I hear the most unpleasant sound so far combined with whole week of problems in right ear cup, anyone would guess that problem lies in the headphones, right? Well...

    • I found an option in Windows 10 that activates mono sound, so I've been using it to hear if problem lies in video audio(so some sound abnormality, if in video, would be now be hearable in both ears), in this case, the high-pitched screech was still only hearable in right ear. So again, that would mean the problem lies in headphones, but.

    • I checked it in my previous headphones (Razer Kraken 7.1) and the high pitched screech was also there in right ear cup! In that case this would be either motherboard on-board audio that I use (highly unlikely) or itself. I clipped those moments and downloaded them, they were MP4 files and when listening to them in Windows 10 player there wasn't any high-pitched screech!

    • I also checked it on mobile and neither in phone speakers nor on headphones was there that high-pitched screech, but I don't think that change a lot cause it's only a phone.

    • Volume affects the loudness of the high-pitched screech

    • So last thing I checked was different browsers. The main one I use is Opera GX, so I checked Microsoft Edge(no high-pitched sound!), Internet Explorer(high-pitched sound!), Mozilla Firefox(high-pitched sound!), Google Chrome(no high-pitched sound!), Tor Browser(high-pitched sound!), that's weird, right?

    To sum things up:
    Mono-sound option in Windows 10: high-pitched sound.
    Different headphones: high-pitched sound.
    Downloaded clip(windows 10 player): no high-pitched sound.
    Mobile speakers and headphones connected: no high-pitched sound.

    Different browsers:
    Opera GX: high-pitched sound.
    Microsoft Edge: no high-pitched sound.
    Internet Explorer: high-pitched sound.
    Mozilla Firefox: high-pitched sound.
    Google Chrome: no high-pitched sound.
    Tor Browser: high-pitched sound.

    So I would really appreciate if you guys could check those 3 moments and see if you hear those sounds, and maybe advise what should I do next, I was personally thinking about sending them to warranty but if I can also hear it on different headphones, but can't hear it on some other browsers then I really don't know what's the problem, headphones, twitch itself, sound card, browsers, maybe me, or even something else?

    Additional info: Both videos were on max twitch volume and 1080p60. Audio drivers doesn't seem to matter, the problem was in both older ones and the newest ones. Opera GX, Explorer, Edge and Tor were alreday on PC for few months, Firefox and Chrome were clean installed to check. The same on both front and rear audio ports. If I record the audio and listen to it, the high-pitched screech sound is there.

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600
    Motherboard: MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX
    PSU: Corsair RM550x
    Ram: Patriot 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz CL16 Viper 4
    SSD: Crucial 500GB 2,5" SATA SSD MX500
    GPU: Sapphire Radeon RX 5600 XT PULSE 6GB GDDR6