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Why didn't Opera prompt to update for newer versions?

  • Leocg,

    so what does it have? Can we save all tabs? I guess I need to download it and try it. I like Opera 12, but it seems like they are not going to extend it's version any longer, so sad, as the sessions things are so good.

    Leushino, no problem. Yes, after reading all these things I have come to know that it is a totally different browser, and I am not understanding why Opera did such thing.

  • Can we save all tabs?

    Yes, by right clicking any existing tab and selecting 'Save Tabs as Speed Dial Folder'.

  • and I am not understanding why Opera did such thing.

    It's a long story with a few twists and turns. Trying to reduce it to a few sentences will likely give the wrong idea. BUT... it seems that after 17 years of producing a browser suite that never really caught on with the general public, it was decided to rewrite the code and produce a new type of browser from the ground up. Some believe it was a decision made in the boardroom by shareholders demanding a greater return for their investment. Others have told us it was a decision made largely by Opera's developer community. Many had been reassigned and many were let go or voluntarily left the company. The claim was the the older Presto version took up all their time and resources simply trying to keep it compatible with today's websites and the idea of a browser that contained all of its features was no longer desirable. Instead the new browser would be built upon the Chromium model and would be configurable via extensions. There are more twists and turns to this story and I've only presented a thumbnail sketch here.

  • Well what you have said draws a pretty good picture for me, so thank you. I guess the engine they were using just couldn't keep up and redeveloping it was easier than tweaking it continually. Opera 12 still works great with most sites it seems, but not sure how long it can maintain that. It very well could have been an investor decision. I have always loved Opera as it was the first browser to come out with the multiple tab view and also session savings, now all of them do that.

    I just don't like the idea of them constantly writing new browsers now for every new version. I have to keep 12 on my site now as I have 1000's of sessions that I use to look up previously stored sights. It's sad that they cannot combine the two. maybe in the future they will find a way to do it.

    Thanks for the explaination!

  • I start Opera, Dialog box is displayed: "a new version of Opera is ready to be installed. Do you want to install the update now".I don't want to upgrade Opera, but I want this dialog box isn't displayed. What can I do?

  • @namtranduc Alt P
    Tab Advanced
    near Auto-Update Dropdown "Dont check for Updates"

  • I am using Opera Next 24.0, after I press Alt P I don't see button "Advanced Security". what is wrong to me?

  • I am using Opera Next 24.0, after I press Alt P I don't see button "Advanced Security". what is wrong to me?

    Those options are for Opera 12.17 and older.

    Close Opera and empty your %temp% folder to try to get rid of that message.

  • @namtranduc I am using Opera Next 24.0

    Oh, you posted in a thread which belonged to a Opera 12 problem, therefore i did not know you're using Opera 24. Next time, please add some information about your Opera version.

  • The information about My browser:
    Opera Next 24.0

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