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[Solved] Authentication code not working from multiple authenticator apps

  • I recently formatted my phone, and when I tried to sign in back into Opera Auth after having reinstalled it, it asks me for a verification code from my authenticator app. I tried contacting support, but without being able to sign-in, I couldn't do that. (This is my 2nd acc). I have tried 3 different authenticator apps, but none of their codes would work. Not even the back-up codes.

    Last time I did this (Before the formatting), it went pretty smoothly. But now not even the same authenticator that I used that time is working now (Google Authenticator, by the way). So now I'm left wondering, am I signed out for good? This is incredibly frustrating as I have all of the information needed to sign in, except for the code. I even have the same phone.

    I wonder if this is a result of having formatted my phone before deleting my account from Google Authenticator, I doubt that, because it is the same Google account which I can sign into normally with no problem. And again, I doubt that even more because when I first downloaded Google Authenticator, I didn't have to go through half the setting up I had to, this time. (No QR codes or "security keys" or any of that stuff.)

    I tried giving it sometime, but now it's been a couple of days, and I'm beginning to get frustrated because I could potentially lose all of my synched data if I can't sign in again.

    So what am I to do? Is there a way I can contact Opera support directly? (Not sure if this method is "directly")


  • @ammarajam1800 What was the latest authenticator app associated with your account for two steps verification? That one is the one that would need to be used or its backup codes.

    Did you backup your accounts in Google Authenticator before the formatting?

  • @leocg I used Google Authenticator. I did Not have an authenticator app associated with my account. I was able to use Google Authenticator long ago without "setting up" my account, instead, just signing-in with it. I used the same email, but at that time, the Google Authenticator app didn't have "back up codes", so I don't have access to them (assuming they exist) from the first time that I used the app. And no, I didn't "back up my accounts", didn't even know that I could, but I'm using the same account now.

    I know this is lack luster, but the Authenticator app changed it's UI and it's everything. So I'm worried that I was caught in between-updates and that somehow left me in a spot where I'm stuck.

    I have now set up my account on Google properly and linked my phone, but back then the app never forced me. So I never did (or even knew that I could), and thinking about it, not even sure that that was a thing back then.

  • @ammarajam1800 If you are being asked to input the six numbers code to login to your Opera account, it's because you have enabled the two factors authentication and linked an authentication app to your Opera account.

    During the process, you should also have received the backup codes.

    If you reformatted your phone without backing up the authenticator app data, you need to use the backup codes you received when you set up two factors authentication.

    Without them, you probably will not be able to access your account.

  • @leocg Hello, this is still me. So, in my desperation I looked into my folder that has a bunch of text files backed up, lo and behold, there was an "Opera backup codes" text file. Popped in the code, and deactivated 2 Factor Verification.

    Although, I will say this, with the ease of setting up of 2 Factor Verification, there should be even more precautions taken. Like this whole "You lose the phone, you lose the account lol" system is so silly. Like what's the need of linking an account then, how is it different from just "Device 2 Step Verification". Very dumb system. Just a glorified/bluetooth "Device verification". If I had formatted my laptop, instead, or somehow had my data wiped (Without having backed up those codes) I would've been completely locked out. I got lucky this time.

    But none of this is even remotely your fault, just wanted to put it out there.

    Have a nice day,
    and thanks for the help.

    P.S. Google never even bothered to warn me about backing up my account in the Authenticator app. Or had done it automatically, either.