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  • Since the update no pages open for me (on Win7), the previous build worked fine. Not a single web page, or even opera internal page (like settings or flags), they all just give blank white screens with "Loading..." in the title. I even tried a new standalone install and the outcome is the same. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • It started happening juts after the upgrade or did you change any flag before?

  • I didn't touch anything, it autoupdated and stopped working. But as I said even a clean standalone install is affected.

  • Any suggestions? I don't know, a command-line switch to try maybe... Is there any log file I can send to someone at Opera as a bug report?

    (BTW I just tried installing Opera Next and it works fine, only this Developer build is problematic)

  • Maybe something on your system is blocking Opera?

    Try checking AV, firewall, things like that.

  • So I did the following experiment. I downloaded build 1597 (the previous one), did a standalone install and everything worked. It then autoupdated to 1606 and after restart it stopped working again. I tried disabling AV and firewall but it didn't help.

    I also tried running it with extensions disabled so I added the command-line switch --disable-extensions and that also didn't help (although I'm not sure if Opera supports that switch?).

    I then captured traffic with Wireshark and Opera doesn't even seem to make HTTP requests on build 1606?!

    There's something wrong with build 1606 since both 1597 and Opera Next (24.0.1558.51) work fine on the same system.

  • Still the same on 25.0.1613.1 - nothing opens (even with a standalone install, so it's not a corrupt profile or extension). Again, is there anything I can send to help find what's causing this?

  • No one cares, but still... There is actually one thing that works and that are Google search suggestions when I type in the address bar. Of course when I press Enter nothing happens.

  • Something on your computer seems to be blocking Opera.

    Does it work if you start Windows on safe mode?

  • Yes, it does work in safe mode.

    It seems to be a Chromium issue. When you google my symptoms with Chrome instead of Opera there are loads of people with the same issue. Various fixes are mentioned (like it's caused by a Trojan or a rootkit, but I've scanned with every possible tool and nothing was found), some work for some people, for others nothing helps.

    I got it working by adding the -no-sandbox switch which is not a solution I'm happy with. I will try to investigate further, but it's quite frustrating. 🙂

  • It works now (without -no-sandbox). Sadly, I'm not sure what did it. 🙂 I ran ComboFix which some people reported helped them. I left it unattended for a few minutes only to find it crashed my system. I shut it down and restarted during which about 30 updates were installed by Windows update (mostly Office, some Visual Studio and C++ redistributable package updates). After that I tried Opera without -no-sandbox and, lo and behold, it worked! So did ComboFix fix something before the crash or did a Windows update solve it I have no idea...

    It was truly bizarre, all other browsers worked during this time (Chrome stable, Chrome canary, Firefox, Opera Next, Opera 12, IE), so I don't believe it was caused by something malicious.

    Anyway, thanks leocg for showing interest 🙂

  • I have exactly same issue on windows 8.1

  • -no-sandbox didn't solve it on my pc.

  • Installed official release 24 and it works fine, so there is definitely something broken in last 2 builds.

  • Update, after importing (copying db files) bookmarks and session, it's broken again...

  • I'd like to help you but as I said I'm not sure what helped me (and ComboFix which might have helped doesn't work on 8.1 anyway). 😞 You can try the fixes listed here.

    Did you try a standalone install (to rule out a corrupt profile)? Does that work?

  • Tried all, malwarebytes didn't find anything, Chrome works fine tho. I can see that after all tabs finish load, after startup, any new tab won't load. Tried to remove fetched executables from "C:\Windows\Prefetch", and didn't help either. Removed any traces from registry and this didn't help too. I'm at loss here...

  • I will try now for the third time to unistall, remove all traces, restart pc and install a fresh copy. And this time I won't copy my bookmarks.

  • Ok it works for now. I will try with 100 tabs like before... I have installed fresh installation in a completely different directory ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera Stable"). Even when I removed content of previous installations, windows was caching something...

    Before I had "C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera" with stable and "C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera developer" with dev.

    But every time I was launching Opera stable windows would let me choose only "Opera Development" for http links.
    Now it finally lets me choose "opera browser". This might be the key, to make it work again!

    If it starts again I will let you know. Anyone with that problem might try that first.

  • Spoke to fast. Problem is still there. Limit would be around 80-90 tabs, than problem starts again guys. Can anyone test that for me? open some random 100 tabs, restart browser wait few minutes till all tabs get loaded, than try opening new tab from some link or bookmark. In my case new tabs are blank till I close half of opened from before.