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  • The Slow Downloads Topic - Opera GX

  • So I started using Opera GX not really long ago. I was downloading some files, everything is OK, about 6 - 7 Mb/s. Then after some time this speed dropped drastically to about 50 - 100 kb/s. Moreover when I'm whatching YT or browsing somethig, internet also feels much slower. IT'S NOT internet's fault. When I'm downloading games from for ex. Epic Games Store/Steam or other browsers it's still 6 - 7 Mb/s. Do you maybe know what I can do, or is it temporary bug? I could change my main browser, but I really liked Opera, so can you halp me in any way?
    Thank you in advance!

  • Re: Opera GX have really slow download speed

    Why is the Opera GX download speed so slow in comparison to other browsers?

  • I am with the same problem, actually Im using Chrome to download my files.

  • So @dtorres553 and @BernardoCoppe So my problem was beacuse of turned on VPN. Back when I wrote this post I had accidently VPN put on Asia. But VPN still doesn't work perectly, even on optimal location, so try just turning it on. It worked in my case 🙂 So the question here should be why VPN slows internet down so much? (Sorry for my bad english)

  • This post is deleted!
  • @ifyksfyrd don't have a VPN and antivirus. menu file of 9mb downloads 3 minutes. and on the edgu it takes off in a few seconds. Sorry for the bad English

  • @tatala Opera's VPN also not turned on, right?

  • Hello,
    recently I am having some issues with downloading files from the opera GX browser. When i do my internet test on Ookla, it said 30 mb download and about 15mb upload, but when i am downloading, it even drops to 300kb, does anyone know any fixes or something to stabilize my internet connections?

  • So basically, I've been trying to download some stuff on Opera GX but honestly, it's really slow. I'm using speedtest and the results say my internets at 60MB download, 75MB upload.

    When trying to download something, Opera says it's 70 KBPS. Now as you can tell that's obviously a huge difference, and I don't have any VPN or anything on. It's my main internet connection.

    Any reason on why this happens? Really annoying.

  • @wwwdotoperadotcom This was happening to a user a while back and it turned out to be Windows Defender's real-time protection that was causing the issue. I think the user installed a different anti-virus (which disabled Windows Defender) and it solved the problem. If I remember correctly, Windows Defender didn't affect Chrome or other Chromium-based browsers. It was just Opera.

  • I have been trying to download a 40gb file but sometimes it jumps up to 100kbs and says it will take 100days I have already gotten download manager and disabled firewall please can somebody help me!


  • Hello,
    I have a problem with downloading files on Opera Gx. It downloads a file with 100kB/s and my internet (tested) is around 90mbps. I turned off all extensions, turned off Vpn, turned off Windows defender, turned off my other antivirus program. When I'm downloading on steam I have at least 10mbps. I can't find the issue. Thanks