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  • Opera should add the google accounts bubble in the top left of the home page like chrome. They should also add the chrome apps menu with it. I find that highly useful and acessable. You can toggle that on or off according to your preferences. The account info bubble will also be nice to have. Here is the screenshot of the bubbles
    I really hope Opera will add these buttons and features to the main speed dail page. Also make adding extensions easier and sync all my settings including extensions and keybinds like chrome does.

  • I totally agree. It is annoying to keep using chrome to check other accounts' passwords and other data when I need to manage many profiles for work. It would be extremely useful to have that feature in Opera browser.

  • Why a browser not made by Google would have a button to manage Google accounts?

  • @leocg Chrome filled the ram space much more than another browser like Opera. I enjoy using Opera and the only feature I would say I need in this browser is the ability to manage my personal and business emails with different user accounts. I thought at first that the workspace was that feature but sadly when I switch emails it just changes in all workspaces. It would be great if there was an extension that does that for me or maybe if they made the workspaces have that feature where it opens the list of users and you can select the user then it changes.

  • @samiaboubaya Most sites allow you to change users very easily.
    Anyway what you seem to want is support for multiple profiles.

  • @leocg Yes, they do allow that but would you wanna keep switching all the time when you need to access every site with different profiles?
    It is for productivity to have it as separated user accounts.

  • @samiaboubaya Why would I need to keep switching all the time?
    And even with support for multiple profiles I would need to keep switching all the time.

  • @leocg because when you are a virtual assistant, an email, and social media manager you will need that feature since you don't wanna waste time switching profiles on every website to be able to get back on answering emails, DMs, and so on.

  • @samiaboubaya Not sure if it answers my question but OK. However, I still couldn't see what it has to do with Google accounts and it would avoid having switch between profiles/accounts all the time.

    And why Google would allow other browsers to add such feature?

  • @leocg You don't need it to be for google accounts. I just need it to be able to access multiple profiles at the same time so if it can have all the data saved in different Opera user accounts I don't mind that. It can be done where it is not for google accounts specifically and made for Opera users where each user has its own history, bookmark, passwords, and so on.