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  • I recently had a problem with a update and reverted to an earlier version. I don't know which, it was automatic. But I do a business on Vimeo and I can no longer watch any of the videos I put up. I clcik on the video iconm the screen goes white with a gold never ending circle rotating in the middle. I've check all the settings I can find and there doesn't seem to be anything not where it should be.

    Can anyone help?

  • At, does it show that h.264 and aac are supported?

    At, does it show that Widevine is detected, does the video play and does it show that MSE and EME are supported?

    If yes to both of those, do things work if you goto the URL opera://settings/system, disable hardware acceleration and restart Opera.

    I no to the first two, di you have an "N" edition of Windows? If so, what version of Windows do you have?

  • @burnout426 on the first link I have yes to h.264 and no to h.265 and no to mepg-4 asp.
    On the secone link both MSE and EME are supported and play. I turned off the acceleration and still Vimeo won't play.
    This is weird in that I've been using Opera for years and have never had a problem playing video. I currently can play YouTube and even video on my site that originates on Vimeo. But on their site, nothing plays.
    Operating system Windows 10 Home 64 bit, build # 19041.867

  • @burnout426 I just updated Opera to 74.0.3911.232, went to Vimeo and clicking on a video link still brings up a blank white page with a golden rotating circle in the middle.
    The smaes link work fine in Edge and Firefox. It's got to be a setting in Opera. Or, as my wife says, it is probably a check box that needs a check.

  • @ddyszel What happens in you try in a private window?

  • @burnout426 In a private window the rotating circle is blue rather than gold or no circle at all.

  • @burnout426 I took out my laptop with the same operating system and Vimeo plays using Opera. So, I went line by line to make sure that all the setting on my desktop were the same. Unfortunately, it made no difference.

    OK, things just got weird. so far I've concentrated only on the videos I've put up over the past decade. I've tried to play new and old with no luck. I just clicked on other videos and they play!! So, now I need to figure out why only my videos don't play unless they are linked to Vimeo from another site.