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Opera GX Downloads not working

  • The problem is the following. I start a download. It pops up and instantly pauses the download. i have to manually resume the download and in most cases a few seconds after resuming, the download simply disappears. No error message, no Problem with the download itself (works in other Browser). It just disappears from the list. there is also no file like with a paused or disrupted download.

    My OS is Windows 10 64 bit

    Version LVL 2 (core: 73.0.3856.415)

  • @sotsobrkamikaze Already tried disabling extensions? What about the antivirus?

  • @leocg Antivirus disabled, no extentions activated, reinstalled Opera gx (blank except for the bookmarks and speeddials i saved and imported) problem persisted. on my big Pc it works with the same version same setup but on my small pc this happens but only with opera. chrome and firefox have no problems with downloads

  • @sotsobrkamikaze Any different program or setting on that PC?

  • @leocg not in opera gx same bookmarks same speedial, the big pc has an extention which extends the functionality for watch together but there the downloads work. Programms different on the pcs are to many to count the big PC is my gaming Pc so all games and the small one is for work so a lot of Programms for working (word etc, Cyberlink Media Suit ...)
    Edit: oh i remembered on the big PC i limited my RAM usage