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  • I have been using Opera since 1997, my email account was first created when Operamail was still managed by Opera. Fastmail has just advise that I will need to change the domain on my email address as they will no longer support or administer the domain.

    I do not want to change it, will Opera offer email services in the future? Even it comes with a cost I would rather keep it as it is

  • @ealatorre Opera stopped offering an email service about a decade ago and there are no indications that they will start providing it again. Opera seems to be now focused in making browsers.

  • @ealatorre

    I don't think there's the slightest chance of an address being available beyond the middle of next year. I'm happy to move away as despite the effort involved there are advantages. Moving away gives users the chance to renew or delete user accounts, logins, passwords and all the rest. The move away should reduce spam emails to a trickle once spam arrives at a defunct address. The vast majority of the spam email I receive is a consequence of hacks to Adobe and the like in the early 2010s. I'm looking forward to all this idiot crap slamming into a dead-end come June 21.

    Even though I have 500+ operamail related addresses to move over to another address I'm finding that the process of updating logins has been worth the effort. There are plenty of usernames I don't need any more. And it's interesting to see how many companies take GDPR seriously, You know they do when you find they've deleted your user account information after a year or so without a log-in. And which other "service providers" can't even deal with a change in email address! I'll be taking my leave of these.

    There's no way I'm going to feel aggrieved for the loss of a particular email address. It's inconvenient but so is much of life. I'd be more worried about the demolition of an ancient building but at the end of the day an email address is simply an electronic tag of slight consequence.

    If I'm correct in suspecting that this is one of many overtures in future cyber hostilities to come then that only increases the incentive to move on from all things Opera related including the browser. I assume the new owners don't give two hoots for the preoccupations of Western users and that their attention is and will be entirely focused on the home market. Opera was good while it lasted, now is the time to move on.

  • @alphaville Entirely agree with your assessment. I've arrived at the same conclusion, albeit for different reasons. I'm curious where you might now hang your hat: Vivaldi? Brave? Firefox?

  • @alphaville Oof. Didn't like that read, so I just uninstalled Opera from my machine. Had originally installed it years ago as a nod to Norway and out of curiosity. It was never a primary browser for me, but I kept various installation versions going. No need to keep it on my machine anymore.

  • @burnout426 I've also been pleased with Fastmail and will continue to use it with my new primary email addresses.

  • @wayner46

    I haven't made my mind up on a choice of browser to replace Opera, I currently use Firefox and Edge (because nobody else admits to using Edge and I prefer to go where everyone else isn't). But I'm thinking that in the longer term that Vivaldi will become my default browser now that I've tried it. It took about half an hour to settle into the Vivaldi way of doing things.

    The one thing I don't like about Vivaldi is the look and layout of the bookmarks pages / folders. Opera seemed to organise these much better. But no doubt I need to spend more time rearranging the look and feel of things, I'm sure there's plenty of configuration options available under the hood.

    What I'm trying to say is that, now that a lot of us live half our life on the internet, the systematic organisation and categorisation of bookmarks is becoming the most important feature of a browser, at least for me. So any browser that can deliver improved access to and maintenance of a bookmark collection will win the day.

    I haven't tried Brave so I can't comment. I've had a brief look, admire the concept and need to investigate further.

  • @alphaville Vivaldi has much to commend itself to users who love to customize to the fullest. I've tried it in the past and just did not like the feel of it compared to Opera. I like the cleaner look and feel of Opera but I cannot bring myself to fully trust it, given its ownership. Opera has been my browser since 2000 along with Firefox and while I still check in to see how things are going, that's about as far as I take it. Today I have Firefox, Edge and Brave on my computer with Brave becoming more dominant as each day passes. To me, Brave is Chrome without the Google bloat.

  • It appears Fastmail is dodging legal questions by stating all requests for information should be handed to That's a dead end for sure, certainly when the chinese own Opera.

    Anyway, Fastmail has an obligation to give full insight in this doubtful action of unilaterally stopping a service. They have responsibilities, because I have paid them for a service, also paid Opera for the service in the past.

    Compare it with your phone-number, suddenly the provider says "we take your number, please take another one..." And if you protest, the provider says, ask the government. Yeah, right.

    I am using my operamail account now for almost 23 years, from august 1998, and am not letting go without a fight. Specially when there are Chinese businessman involved.

  • @boonstra said in Operamail future?:

    I am using my operamail account now for almost 23 years, from august 1998, and am not letting go without a fight. Specially when there are Chinese businessman involved.

    I'm not certain I understand your position. What is the point in trying to force the hand(s) of Opera's Chinese owners? Do you honestly believe any of them would listen, let alone care about an individual's complaints regarding a former supported product? It's an exercise in wasted energy. While you are able you should migrate your important email and contacts to a current, reliable mail service before it is too late.

  • @wayner46 I agree that any attempt to force the owners of the operamail address to do anything. My hope, which gets less every day, is to find someone at Opera Software who is prepared to explain what they are doing and why. As someone who has lived by believing in the f**k up theory of life as much more prevalent than the currently fashionable conspiracy theory of everything, I still suspect that the decision was an ill thought out technical or business one (e.g. "lets save money by closing down unnecessary domain names")
    Unfortunately, the clock is ticking, and none of us have managed to find such a someone. It is true that Fastmail could be more helpful, but they are not under any obligation, and it may be that they are happy to get shot of dealing with Opera. Clearly from the sell-out, buy back etc there is a history there.
    Not given up hope yet, but busy choosing a good personal domain, and preparing for when I, personally, throw in the towel

  • @admiralty Have you considered Vivaldi? Maybe take it out for a spin and see whether its mail option is something with which you can live.

  • @admiralty said:

    My hope, which gets less every day, is to find someone at Opera Software who is prepared to explain what they are doing and why.

    Isn't it clear enough? They simply don't want to keep dealing with a domain that since a long time no longer has anything to do with the company anymore.

  • @wayner46 --- Dear wayner46,....
    Indulge me the pleasure of a similar situation:

    Give me all your money, and honestly, no, I won't listen to you, never, because that's a waste of energy. And make it before yesterday !

    You see, you are very easy giving up your (costumer-) rights, aren't you.

    In your world, an owner of a 10 year old Volvo would have no rights, because the Chinese have bought Volvo Cars in 2010.

  • @boonstra I'm not very good at following most analogies, boonstra. 🙂 The way I see it, the new owners of Opera are not going to continue offering all the previous services and given the fact that the software is free, more or less, we have no rights to expect what was offered before to be continued. Opera sold us out to these Chinese owners which is essentially why so many Opera users abandoned Opera a few years back and navigated over to Vivaldi since they trusted these former Opera technicians and owner. I no longer use Opera since I patently do not trust the owners of the Opera browser (and assurances that they follow Norwegian law means nothing to me). I'm here only out of curiosity and nostalgia. My main browser is now Brave, with the new Edge sitting in the background. I've considered Vivaldi but there are aspects of their suite that I don't like so I continue with Brave. My advice remains: go to Vivaldi where they have more or less remade the older Opera suite albeit with a Blink engine.

  • @wayner46 Yeah, Vivaldi's services are made to replace the old My Opera community and the Operamail service. You can sign up for free at

    For mail, you get 5GB of storage. It supports IMAP, POP, and SMTP. And, you can access it via instead if you want. It also comes with a blog at

    There are also forums at is the section for webmail support.

    You of course won't have an "" address. but it's a great alternative.

  • There's a super, super tiny chance that Jon might want to talk to Opera to see if Vivaldi can take over the domain where Vivaldi would work with Fastmail to migrate "" users (that wanted to) to Vivaldi mail. Then, those users might have "" as an alias for receiving messages, but would still send new messages as "".

    But, I don't know if he'd be interested. And, that might not work out for Fastmail users that had plans with more than 5GB of storage.

  • @burnout426 It appears that Jon has provided just about everything that was present at the Opera site just before he left. Nice. Thanks for all the links. 🙂

  • @wayner46 --- Too bad you can't follow analogies, you're like Drax ?

    The service of Operamail was indeed initially free, but I took a paid subscription quite soon. So there is a product, and a long-term contract with liability.

    The good name of Opera, the groundbreaking ideas and the shameless much copied layout,.... this all will be smeared and connected to commercialisation and dictatorship. This will lower the pleasure of using "Operamail".

    I've used Opera 3.6 up until 2010, it worked for me. And yes I followed the Icelandic guy to Vivaldi, and installed it from the beginning, but prefer Brave.

    Who gives me guarantees a mail won't hit the same faith ?

    And for Fastmail, I'm beginning to suspect the Operamail-accounts were the very life-line of that company. If they loose all Operamail-account they could go bankrupt.

  • @boonstra

    I somewhat doubt that Operamail accounts are the lifeline of Fastmail - if they are then the company is in serious trouble!

    There's currently some half a dozen of us bemoaning the loss of the Operamail address here on the forum and of that number at least half have decided to move on to pastures new.

    If those committed to saving Operamail numbered even in the low few hundreds that might perhaps indicate a glimmer of interest in the future of the address and raise the hope that some form of determined collective action could win the day. But I can't see the critical mass required being reached in a month of Sundays - I hope you prove me wrong.