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Set startup pages: open same specific urls in tabs every time Android browser starts

  • I would like to be able to specify a list of urls that are opened every time Opera for Android (or Touch or Mini) launches. I don't mean remembering what I last had opened. I mean a configuration setting to give a list of urls that are opened on startup (with only these urls being opened not what was previously open).

    I have tried to find this feature (which is common in desktop browsers) in several Android browsers but have not found any that support it which I find extraordinary - it is as if this feature is purposely being removed or left out perhaps as a requirement for being in the Play Store. Do any of the mobile Opera browsers have this feature? If not, I'd like to suggest adding it.

  • @mcarans Nope, I guess no browser has such feature. Maybe because people usually don't close the browser on Android.

  • @leocg I find it annoying on Android that it loads where I left off. Say I have been browsing a social media or news website, it opens back on the post or article I had finished reading rather than on the home page of the site as I would like it to.

  • @mcarans There is a setting for it. And you can use the close button, so it will open the start page next time.

  • @leocg Can there be more than one start page?

  • @mcarans The start page is unique.

    Now, if you are asking if you can set up pages to be opened when Opera starts, then no, it's not possible.