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Why I cannot select the best browser out of Opera GX and Vivaldi

  • Hi, I use both Opera GX and Vivaldi. The one thing that I (even you sometimes, maybe) can't help noticing is that Opera GX and Vivaldi are somewhat (again, for me) similar. But again, one of the browsers should be your default web browser, right? Here's what I think about the duo:

    Opera GX at first glance:

    Vivaldi at first glance:
    (notice the layout?)

    Both have sidebars and speed dials and all the other tons of stuff we could go on describing

    Now let's move on to the unique features only available by one of them

    Opera GX: VPN

    Vivaldi: Tab stack to the next level

    Vivaldi: Taking up of each websites accent colour
    e7e5f040-91bc-43ea-bb59-e083aba9594b-image.png 18b72977-78f5-4d0c-a5bf-1d80f95bdf98-image.png 867c4829-a097-47ae-99c1-b2fbf5461588-image.png

    Opera GX: GX Control and GX Cleaner

    Con of Opera GX: No way to switch to light mode
    Con of Vivaldi: Memory hog (but most of the browsers are, isn't it?)

    So if you are a fan of both Opera GX and Vivaldi, I think you too might be having a hard time to choose the best one of of the two!

  • I suppose they both look very similar.

    Vivaldi involved someone who left Opera, that is why they look so similar. I actually saw a discussion on why Opera and Vivaldi look so alike, it was in the Windows section of the Opera for Computers in the Opera Forum.

    Vivaldi offers a lot of customisation and more for people who know what they are doing.

    I use Opera because of the sidebars and the Chrome extensions.

    I tried Vivaldi once but I haven't really used it.

    Thanks for your comment!

  • @oliverdavis2006 A point that I did not add was that I don't use Opera GX because I don't like the design of it as a normal browser for my work and play. 🙂

  • @davem


    It's more than that.

    On V you can customize mostly whatever you like, Officially or Unofficially by Mods applied on the Code.

    There's a big community to add and ask for them in case you don't know about programming.

    Sync service is mostly better.
    You can't access Tabs as in Opera dedicated Tab/Sync, but it depends on your browsing and other things.

    Mobile born few time ago but it's very good as well.
    You can even access all the Chromium Flags. In Opera, you can't.

    You can achieve a similar look of GX using a theme located on Mods section.

    It has not a VPN but you can use an extension or create a new Profile in case is used particularly.
    In Opera default ProfilesManager is removed, you have to edit shortcuts + Experiments.


    It's SideBar is also customizable allowing to Add Chat apps and whatever you like without a limitation of 5 Elements.

    It tries to reborn the Old Opera 12.x

    Don't expect to navigate with it but you can see it's layout and options.


    V allows to change the default Search engine, where Opera don't.
    Chrome extensions are supported as well.

    It has some things to fix yet but Desktop and Mobile works very good.

    Tab Media Gif problem isn't present on V.
    Nor Linux Media problems.

    It still suports x86 on Linux.

    To check it well, you need to try Desktop and Mobile for a while.

  • @zalex108 Thanks for your comment!

    I kind of prefer the look and feel of Opera, even though the two browsers look alike.

    It seems that Opera has a fresher look - do you know what I mean?

    Thanks for your comment 🙂

  • @oliverdavis2006
    Yes, I give importance to the look as well, but beats on options related.

    I've been trying many Linux recently, and V has Integrated Notes.
    That helped to add commands, and other stuff to be easily shared between machines.
    This details makes a difference when you uses it.

  • @davem said in Why I cannot select the best browser out of Opera GX and Vivaldi:

    Memory hog (but most of the browsers are, isn't it?)

    You can try TabSuspender on both.
    Better than Chromium's default.

  • @OliverDavis2006 @zalex108

    The only solution for me was to set another browser as my default. Both Opera and Vivaldi are similar, and of course you cannot set two browsers as your default, so finally Firefox became my default, but I will not uninstall Opera or Vivaldi; I will use the equally...

  • @davem Yes, I understand what you mean.

    What I tend to do is to use a main browser. At the moment I am using Opera. I also use a secondary browser, which at the moment is Google Chrome.

    Thank you for your comments and for this discussion!

  • @davem said in Why I cannot select the best browser out of Opera GX and Vivaldi:

    @OliverDavis2006 @zalex108

    The only solution for me was to set another browser as my default.


    FF is lower on CPU and faster on some things, in respect to Chromiums.

    I have FF and Chrome as Portable but they are mostly used for tests.

    You would set them up for different things when one lacks features from another.

    Here are 3 or 4 Profiles for each one depending of the needs.

    To deal with different Profiles and Browsers you can check: