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What's the best way to sync my case?

  • @adam1709 Nope, each device will show its own content.

  • @leocg Unfortunately, I don't really understand. It's probably due to my wrong translation. In this picture, which I added, if I add a second Opera, will the cards from it add to the visible one, or will new ones appear. Because if there is only Android, the second one will also have Android in the name (assuming it is created separately).

    What is the difference between what I am doing now, i.e. anonymous synchonization, from the one with the account?

  • @adam1709 What exactly do you call cards? Seems to be the opened tabs based on the image.

    Like I said, each installation will appear as a different entry in the list.

    So, you would have a third device listed in that page.

  • @leocg Tabs, I mean open tabs that we see in the top bar of the browser (windows), session - I don't know what else to call it.
    Ok, so I understand.
    Please answer the last question.

  • @adam1709 The difference of using an account is that your data will still be on the server and still could be retrieved.

  • @leocg If I use the account, what would the situation be for the two Android Opers?
    What would the situation with the tab order look like and would Ctrl + F search work?

  • @adam1709 Nothing would change regarding those points.

  • @leocg However, when logging in via an account and synchronizing, it is possible to freely search via the Ctrl + F shortcut, so there are some differences.
    I have a few more questions:

    1. How often is data synced?

    2. In the case of synchronization from two Opers to one Windows Opera, actually two separate devices are created, although they are from one device and only the stable / beta version differs. Unfortunately, in the case of an account, this is not the case - all cards are as one device and are mixed up ... that's about it, because the cards all duplicate all twice!

    3. Why does the machine sync more things than I want ... I mean, it should ask me at first what I want to sync, and it syncs open tabs, history and bookmarks right away. From what I can see, if I log on to my Windows account, she asks just before synchonization.

    4. How is it with this password synchronization, because it supposedly happens, but I don't see it in practice.

    5. As already mentioned, I will want to restore all cards to Oper on the phone after format in the same order. But how to do this? At the moment I see only one option which will be difficult and take a long time. I would have to open each page on Windows in the order I want (and there are hundreds of them!), Then after synchonization on the phone I would see the correct order from Windows and I could open each one on the phone ...
      5a) Maybe you can advise an easier way?
      Maybe you can advise me on how I could sort the cards faster? Because I have a lot of them ...

  • @leocg 🤠

  • @adam1709 What?

  • @leocg Can you help me with my questions that I asked previously?

  • @adam1709 If I could I already had answered. 🙂

  • @leocg Unfortunately, apart from you, there are no ones who are willing

  • @adam1709

    1 ) I know that sync happens when you login. I guess it probably do the same when Opera is opened/closed and when there are changes but since there is no info, no one can say for sure. Maybe if you keep watching opera://sync-internals/, you can find an answer

    2 ) Synchronization is per installation, so if you login in different Opera installations in the sane device, they will appear as two different things.
    As far as I know, only Speed Dials and opened tabs are separated by devices

    3 ) When I login, it shows what can be synced and allows me to turn off what I don't want to sync

    4 ) It usually works here, although it may take a while

    5 ) What do you call cards? Anyway, you need to that manually.

  • @leocg
    3) yes, but only after logging in, and before he can unfasten what I do not want, he will have time to send. Interestingly, passwords are not automatically selected, but are sent like.
    5) My cards are not named by me. Just each one has its own title.

  • @adam1709 As far as I know, sync only starts when you leave that page/dialog where you choose what to sync.