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Suggestion: add standard [ctrl]+ features

  • I thoroughly enjoy the feel, UI and ease of OGX! It's a breath of fresh air in the browser options available.

    I only use OGX via computer. I'm an old schooler. I have habits from decades of use and find it near infuriating that when I click [ctrl]+[left click] while I'm browsing, shopping, watching YouTube that OGX completely ignores the [ctrl] and just changes what I'm viewing! It probably isn't a good time for me to suggest this change right now because I am so angry...

    With every other browser that I've ever used when using ?standard? sets of [ctrl] features certain things are ?supposed? to happen. When you click [ctrl]+S your computers save dialog box is supposed to appear. When you click [ctrl]+P your computers print dialog box is supposed to appear. When you click [ctrl]+N a new page/tab is supposed to appear. When you click [ctrl]+[right click] the link you just clicked is supposed to open in a new tab while the page you are currently on remains active. (there are more of these ?standard? [ctrl] 'features' - this is just an example)

    My question is why does OGX leave out [ctrl]+[right click]? It's infuriating to experience this negligence. Imagine you're viewing that long tutorial/play through of a game in YouTube and see a link for something you're interested in seeing in the near future (after you're through with the current page), it was just a blurb 'link at the top' (for a few seconds) kind of thing and you [ctrl]+[right click] it thinking it will be waiting for you in the next tab when you're done here but no! instead you're immediately redirected to that page because OGX has completely ignored that you clicked [CTRL] With the [right click].

    Why take the time to figure this out and implement it? To save heartache of your user. To save forum space from those of us who actually take the time to ask for mostly standard things. Because right is right. Because some consistency throughout computer use is supremely nice.

    Please ?give back? the [ctrl]+[right click]?

  • @gracefulkim Here, Ctrl + left click on a link opens it on a new tab. Anywhere else it does nothing.

    Ctrl + right click on a link just open the context menu. in fact, right click was always the mouse button to open menus.

    By the way, you can use middle click to open links in a new tab.