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  • The address bar of Opera GX is not working. It just disappears as soon as I click it.

  • @leocg I can't load the comment section of YouTube using Opera GX, but I still can see it using Chrome

  • I've been using Opera and Opera GX for a while, and the base Opera has the one thing i would love to have in GX, the one i use the most, a White theme. Don't get me wrong, the customization of the GX is awesome, but i have a LOT of wallpapers that would be better in the browser with a white theme and different colors, like a Light Blue with the white theme, is a small question, but would be incredible to have

  • @r2le1 Opera GX has a white theme,

  • Note : Thanks to the devs for fixing the tab pinning issue I opened some months earlier!

    Here's my Feedback & Recommendations

    I think the community would benefit if Opera GX had a build in Equalizer (Example image)
    Could be used to enhance vocals on old tutorial videos, boost bass on music and just improve overall audio quality

    as of now that's the only thing I think about, I'll come back here if I have more 👌

  • I don't like Opera automatically pinning the shortcut to my taskbar on windows..

  • Opera Gx is a best browser for me.

  • ability to hide, move or minimize this: (menu tab thingy)
    also the background music would overlap each other when i open a new private window. please fix thx

    (this is a temp acc pls dont reply, pls del later)

  • @tempdellater You can turn off the text, so the menu button is just an icon. Can't offer any suggestions on the music, sorry.

  • I will love if u enable the extension to the sidebar menu cuz when I listen to music I cant hear it well

  • I am not sure if this is intended behaviour but CTRL+TAB has an inverted tab swap. As I am personally coming from Msoft Edge, the CTRL+tab used to go through the tabs from left to right, not from right to left.

    Even the popup screen inverts the tabs first(?), then scrolls from left to right.

    I hope that this is useful information as I don't really like the CTRL+TAB function at the moment for quick tab switching

  • So I've been using Opera GX for a day to try a new type of browsing experience. I like how everything is integrated, at least trying too when web applications of services exist. Although I like this type of functionality, I do have a few things for feedback.

    Discord actually signs me out every time after closing the browser. I don't seem to be the only person since I found a thread that also stated this. Would love to see Discord stay signed in.

    I would like to see a way to give a Workspace a checkbox so all the tabs in there are started in a Private session. This is useful for multiple reasons, it's quicker and it helps making sure there's no caching going on.

    Coming from Firefox, I really miss the home button. I know, Opera really wants you to use the Speed dial. But I really liked the way the Home button in Firefox behaved, it just opened your set start pages and it refreshed them immediately. Now I have a Workspace with my favorite start pages, but I don't want that Workplace to remember the state I left it in, but rather reset. Maybe allow Workspaces to have a fixed set of start pages instead of the browser universally?

    VPN, I appreciate the idea. But I don't want certain sites to be accessed through VPN. Is there any way to exclude certain domains from using Opera VPN when enabled? Otherwise I'd just have to keep it off.

  • Opera GX is the best gaming browser to use. I have almost used it for a month.` It's the best.

  • @leocg I just need a feature in which each new tab is customizable and just not the speed dial. and also if I'm dumb and this is already a feature pls tell me how to do it
    : {)

  • Switched to Opera GX from Chrome about month ago and aside from getting a little lost in all the settings I have been satisfied since. But now I encountered a problem. When I download with this browser the PC starts stuttering. I wouldn't even notice that but It is super clear while playing FPS games. I monitored this stuttering and noticed that CPU/Memory usage is not the cause and even after reinstalling the browser on different drive and setting the download to different drive than the game is on the problem stayed. Pausing the download instantly stops all stuttering and everything works smoothly only to continue once I resume the download. I have tested this on Microsoft Edge and regular Opera and didn't see a single lag. Makes me think if there is some option causing that. btw: my cpu and memory limiters are turned off.

  • -Tab sleep state feature when leaving tabs for a long time
    -Foreign website translation feature
    -YouTube viewing feature pins videos to the screen and turns off the screen and still hears music on Opera GX mobile ios
    Thanks you

  • I really loved using this browser. It's got some cool features. And The sound effect when I want to close or open the tab, and the typing. I really loved it. 😃

  • Grouping multiple tabs like the new google chrome feature would let me stay here a bit more

  • @kaliumofficial Try workspaces

  • You can open the Opera Menu left top by clicking on the most top left pixel, but you can't close the same menu with the same pixel.

    See this quick video I've made.

    Also, when you want to open a new tab you gotta click rather precise on the + next to existing tabs. If you click all on the top (which works in Firefox) nothing happens:
    no click target

    If you move your mouse cursor 3px lower you can open it:
    3px lower click target

    If you compare that to Firefox:

    you can see that it requires way less precise mouse targeting to trigger the + new tab button, which is prefered.