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  • Hello! I Think I've found a little bug that only occurs with the "force dark mode" on:
    If you create a new bookmark and try to change its name (or the folder's name, as in the screenshots below), the entire popup becomes full black. I hope this will help!
    Tab with dark mode on: efe66947-3954-4e69-ac20-97bb3cb21546-image.png
    Tab with dark mode off: 2742b98c-3fee-4516-ba27-956a59472d46-image.png

  • After seeing this in an ad I decided to try it out after having used chrome and edge for years. Needless to say I have been impressed and my expectations were either met or surpassed. I especially like the instagram integrated feature, the force dark mode for pages and the overall aesthetics. This is probably the best browser I have found. If you could also add the same integration for snapchat as well, that would be very nice.

  • could add the option to translate pages

  • Helo! I downloaded Opera GX and I don't regret it. I want to suggest putting something in the "Speed Dial" part. Where I put the sites I use the most, put something like a color or custom image.

  • @leocg everything is good so far the only thing that is bothering me is that in the web player, I cant adjust the volume from the web player so i have to go to Spotify in another tab and adjust it there which defeats the whole purpose of having quick access to Spotify maybe you guys can add some sort of volume manager for tabs if you right click them

  • @doritoman Here I can change the volume in the player.

  • @leocg how do i change it

  • @doritoman Just move the volume slide bar in the Player.

  • The address bar of Opera GX is not working. It just disappears as soon as I click it.

  • @leocg I can't load the comment section of YouTube using Opera GX, but I still can see it using Chrome

  • I've been using Opera and Opera GX for a while, and the base Opera has the one thing i would love to have in GX, the one i use the most, a White theme. Don't get me wrong, the customization of the GX is awesome, but i have a LOT of wallpapers that would be better in the browser with a white theme and different colors, like a Light Blue with the white theme, is a small question, but would be incredible to have

  • @r2le1 Opera GX has a white theme,

  • Note : Thanks to the devs for fixing the tab pinning issue I opened some months earlier!

    Here's my Feedback & Recommendations

    I think the community would benefit if Opera GX had a build in Equalizer (Example image)
    Could be used to enhance vocals on old tutorial videos, boost bass on music and just improve overall audio quality

    as of now that's the only thing I think about, I'll come back here if I have more 👌

  • I don't like Opera automatically pinning the shortcut to my taskbar on windows..

  • Opera Gx is a best browser for me.

  • ability to hide, move or minimize this: (menu tab thingy)
    also the background music would overlap each other when i open a new private window. please fix thx

    (this is a temp acc pls dont reply, pls del later)

  • @tempdellater You can turn off the text, so the menu button is just an icon. Can't offer any suggestions on the music, sorry.

  • I will love if u enable the extension to the sidebar menu cuz when I listen to music I cant hear it well

  • I am not sure if this is intended behaviour but CTRL+TAB has an inverted tab swap. As I am personally coming from Msoft Edge, the CTRL+tab used to go through the tabs from left to right, not from right to left.

    Even the popup screen inverts the tabs first(?), then scrolls from left to right.

    I hope that this is useful information as I don't really like the CTRL+TAB function at the moment for quick tab switching

  • So I've been using Opera GX for a day to try a new type of browsing experience. I like how everything is integrated, at least trying too when web applications of services exist. Although I like this type of functionality, I do have a few things for feedback.

    Discord actually signs me out every time after closing the browser. I don't seem to be the only person since I found a thread that also stated this. Would love to see Discord stay signed in.

    I would like to see a way to give a Workspace a checkbox so all the tabs in there are started in a Private session. This is useful for multiple reasons, it's quicker and it helps making sure there's no caching going on.

    Coming from Firefox, I really miss the home button. I know, Opera really wants you to use the Speed dial. But I really liked the way the Home button in Firefox behaved, it just opened your set start pages and it refreshed them immediately. Now I have a Workspace with my favorite start pages, but I don't want that Workplace to remember the state I left it in, but rather reset. Maybe allow Workspaces to have a fixed set of start pages instead of the browser universally?

    VPN, I appreciate the idea. But I don't want certain sites to be accessed through VPN. Is there any way to exclude certain domains from using Opera VPN when enabled? Otherwise I'd just have to keep it off.