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Tab Session Reload Bug Needs Fixing

  • Opera has been my primary Browser since it came out in 1995.
    That said... Opera v35 gave the user the ability to save the tabbed sessions so when the browser was reopened they could be reloaded. For some reason Opera took the valuable function out! I have the current version of Opera 73.0.3856.344.
    I do a phenomenal amount of research everyday, and I have all 5 available Workspaces being used with several dozen tabs on each Workspace.
    The last time I closed my browser was this afternoon. As normal, the "close browser" dialog box warning displayed with the message... "You are about to quit Opera, closing 174 tabs. Don't worry, they'll be restarted when you start Opera again. Are you sure?"

    I've never had a problem! Never! and I always click... "Quit Opera". Again, never a Problem with picking up were I left off! But this time I did. I loaded the browser and just one tab displayed. I knew I was screwed, because of all my I.T. troubleshooting, So I opened Windows Explorer and quickly went to the sessions folder...
    C:\Users\New User\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\Sessions
    To see just 4 files. 2 Sessions files and to Tab files
    | Name | Date Modified | Size |
    Session_13255401187413850 1/17/2012 89k
    Session_13255403205063046 1/17/2012 1k
    Tabs_13255401187413763 1/17/2012 1k
    Tabs_13255403205062962 1/17/2012 0k

    And I knew that those files represented the session that I'm currently in now and the other were over written. I'm going to try and recover the data via a legitimate seriously time consuming "real data recovery"... because I owned a Data Recovery business for a decade.
    But it would be nice if Opera... which is by far the best Browser on the market today, had the ability to either Auto Save the "Sessions and Workspaces" into a different directory then the sessions directory, or had a manual feature that I could do it with instead of using Windows Explorer to copy the sessions directory. .
    Please keep in mind that in all the decades I've been using Opera it's the only Browser I've never had a problem with until today. That's a phenomenal track record, but I'm still kind of pissed it happened with 150 to 170 research Tabs.
    So, How do I get the developers to put in a module that will "Auto Backup " all the Sessions and Workspaces? So there is no miss communication... that's "all the Tab Sessions in all Workspaces". OR, have a function to Manually Backup "all the Tab Sessions in all Workspaces".
    I'm really am surprised that none of the Developers have done, or thought about that yet!
    I can't imagine that I'm the only one out of the millions of users that ran into this problem! Nor can I imagine that one of the hundreds of thousands of developers over the last 26 years that Opera's been released (1995) hasn't run into this problem... or, even over the last 10 years.
    Thank You for reading and Thank You in advance for your reply. But!!! Do Not Reply with suggesting that I back up the "sessions" folder! If you were a "critical thinker" you would know! that I know about that.
    With Regards, StageMan