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Opera Touch makes unnecessary HTTP requests when downloading, breaking "one time download" sites

  • OPT/2.8.4
    Android 11, Pixel 3a, Dec 1 update.

    When downloading a file, Opera Touch fetches the file twice - once to show the download menu - and once to download the actual file.

    On sites that delete file after 1st download, this breaks it.

    I suspect OT is doing this just to find out some meta data (like size of file) but of course this is what HTTP HEAD / HTTP OPTIONS is for, don't do a GET request! This kills the crab.

    How to reproduce:

    1. Upload tiny file to
    2. Once it finishes, download with Opera Touch

    Observed behavior:
    Site says file has been deleted

    Expected behavior (Chrome, etc):
    Download works

    Please use HTTP HEAD instead of GET! That's what its there for:

  • @dustball It's working fine here.

  • @leocg Are you sure it didn't download the "You've already downloaded this file error" HTML file (around 4k) thinking it was a media file? Does the media file play? Or is it broken and suspiciously small...

  • @dustball You said that the file couldn't be downloaded and that a message saying that the file was already downloaded would show up.

    Well, I didn't see such message and the file was downloaded. I didn't try to open the file.

    And when I tried to use the same link again, I got the message that the file had been removed.

  • @leocg Yes, in hindsight, the original post should say:

    Observed behavior:
    It downloads an error page (HTML) in place of the actual media file.

    Sorry about that, my mistake.

    I just upgraded to latest Android 11 and reproduced it.

    I can also see different behavior from Chrome and Opera Touch on the server side, OPT clearly makes 2 requests. And the second time it gets a 302 to the error page, of course. There is no way it could work with the current behavior.

    This affects anyone using apache module mod_xsendfile, and any other site that deletes-on-get.

  • @leocg Any update on this?

  • @dustball Why would I have updates?

  • @leocg Am I missing something here?

    • I reported a bug
    • It still exists
    • I haven't heard any kind of "Thanks! We'll put this on our list and expect to fix it by XYZ date" or similar

    Like, what's the status? Has this been reported in the internal bug tracking system? Has a developer been assigned? Has worked started on the fix? Is there an ETA for the fix to be included in an upcoming release? Etc

  • @dustball Right, but why are you asking me? I don't know, I'm just an user.

  • @leocg

    1. It has a "Moderator" flag next to your name which suggests an affiliation of official capacity
    2. You responded to the bug report in such a way that suggested an affiliation of official capacity
    3. Who else would I ask?

    Let's start over: This bug is causing problems. I'd like to see it get fixed. What do you suggest I do. Is there an escalation path I am not aware of?

    Thank you very much.

  • @dustball In forums, moderators are, usually, just regular users with some powers to help keeping the forum organized.

    You don't ask anyone. You already posted about your problem and now you wait to see if anyone replies with a solution or explanation.

    From times to times you can come here and post to remember the others abou the existence of this topic.

  • @leocg

    Solution? Explanation? Huh?

    The explanation is that Opera Touch is broken and needs to be fixed. That also is the solution.

    I thought that posting here would act as a way to get issues into the internal bug tracker. Is that not true?

    This seems like a waste of time to be honest.

    I'll ask again: is there no better path for escalation?

  • @dustball People from Opera read the forum and, in many situations, issues reported here are included in the bug tracking system but there are no guarantees.

    To have your problem include in the bug tracking system, you need to use the Report a Problem Tool.

    Although people from Opera may reply here eventually, this forum is mainly for users to try to help each other.