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I'd like to see some features back - plus general discussion and thank you

  • Hey! I've been a loyal Opera user since version 8 or 9. In the past few years, I have indeed noticed Opera becoming heavier and not as snappy and compliant as it used to be, but I stuck with it for two reasons: one, all my stuff was in it (passwords, bookmarks, feeds, etc), but more importantly, because it had a few features that really went the extra mile for me. Those were, mainly:

    • Full interface customizability: I can put the tab bar in the bottom, the progress bar just on top of the tab bar (with a lot of useful information), make the tabs wrap or not, make the panels expandable at the edge of the screen, and so much more.
    • Great tab switching and which-tab-to-activate-on-close options. Most-recently-used tab switching is great, and I really miss it! Also, the "Activate last tab opened from current tab" option was genius.
    • Spatial navigation: As keyboard navigation goes, I think it was very useful to be able to navigate a page with Shift + direction keys, instead of just pressing tab repeatedly and going through all the focusable elements in the page. It wasn't perfect, but it was pretty damn close.
    • Mouse gestures: Yay! That's already in.
    • Great Javascript and bleeding edge HTML and CSS support: Unfortunately, that's been gone for years. I started keeping a chrome instance open, just to open pages that weren't properly supported by Opera. However, now that Opera is based on Chrome, it gained better support for free! That's good.
    • Trash can: This feature is mostly back in Recently Closed tabs, but it was so nice to be able to have a shortcut to it next to the tab bar.

    I hope there is a plan to bring at least some of these features back in one way or another. Or perhaps, if they are possible through add ons, hopefully I or some other developer will find the time to implement them.

    Let me also say, after all those years, that another thing I loved about Opera was that it has really been the market feature leader at times, even though it never led the market. I remember that tabs were first introduced here, and the same goes for Speed dial and the trash can. I'm pretty sure there are others I'm missing. For all that, I thank you.

  • As an Opera extension to Opera 23, you might want to take a look at Classic tabs, which tries to restore the Opera 12 tab functionality to the new Opera

  • Thanks! That looks cool. Unfortunately, the only tab activation option it doesn't support is the one I was using 😛

  • About tab activation order, try opera://flags/#activation-order-tab-cycling

  • Thanks! That works almost as well. The pane in the center of the screen that appeared when I pressed Ctrl + Tab and held Ctrl was better, because it was easier to see the actual activation order. But still, it works!

  • About tab activation order, try opera://flags/#activation-order-tab-cycling

    Why the hell is stuff like this buried in hidden settings menus?

  • Because it's not ready yet.
    When it's stable and fully functional, it will get moved out of opera:flags

  • Makes sense.