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Annoying warning regarding extensions

  • Ever since I've installed reddit enhancement suite I get a pop-up Every Single Time Opera loads, that reads:

    We are temporarily displaying all of your active browser extensions so you can review which of them should be in use.

    Extensions may change the way Opera works and could impact security of your data. We advise you to uninstall extensions you do not recognize.

    The problem is, I'll always click "Got it" (which is all one can do), but the next time I launch Opera the same warning appears again, ,and again, and again, it never goes away. Like, I get it, there's this one extension Opera distrusts. But it's not malware and I'm not removing it, how can I get Opera to leave me alone? It's annoying as hell because some times it takes a couple of seconds before it shows up, and when it does it "de-selects" any box you were typing in (say, the address bar). So you open Opera and you are hesitant to start typing any address because you know you will have finished typing and you'll look up to the screen and only the first couple of letters will have gotten through because of that effing false alarm.

    I'm using version 73.0.3856.329, on Windows 10.