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  • Opera is my main Desktop browser.
    I want to have acess to ALL my bookmarks from any device (phone/desktop).
    I like Opera touch, but it does not allow acess to bookmarks! No folders, no devices connected. Why is that? Will it be fixed?

  • @alxgvr Touch seems to have been designed to not have bookmarks.

  • @leocg What is the point then?

    I like Touch more than standart Opera for Android (because of how bottom pannel is implemented), and standart Opera for Android have big issues with bookmarks aswell.
    For iOS (I use iPad) only Opra Touch is avalible.

    Another words, I am not able to use bookmarks from my PC on any other mobile device.

    Why those mobile browsers called "Opera" then?

  • @alxgvr Because they are made by Opera?

  • @leocg "Opera" is not only company name, but, also, browser (product) name. If browser on PC and browser on Andropid share same name, that means - it is one product on different platforms. That means - it must have same "guts": bookmarks, and other sync features. If not: those are different products, and should have different names. Only one thing in common now - is "My Flow". Not big deal, honestly.

    P.S. no offence, I writing it with all respect to Opera developers team. I like what they are doing, and wish it become even better.

    P.P.S. English is not my native launguage

  • @alxgvr They are different products and have different names. They however share the company name in their names.