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  • Hello,

    since a couple of days i am experiencing a problem with my opera browser (latest version, Opera Stable 23.0.1522.60) on Windows 7 Professional (incl SP1).

    I can start the browser and it will show up, but with no menu items, no tabs, no icons, no internet pages.
    Just the border and a black background. So at least those items are not visible; but they are still there.

    So if i make a good guess, i can find some menu items on the left, but if i try to change something (which would be done on a web page), i am lost again.

    As far as i know i did not make any changes, so i dont know what to do next to solve the problem.
    Could this be related to themes ? I am only using the default theme, i did not even install any new ones.

    Could you please shed some light on this, i would like to continue using Opera (incl all the passwords i stored there).

    Thanks in advance for yhour help, aurikus

  • It's hard for me to visualize what's happening. If you posted a picture of it, it would be easier to visualize, but based on what you have said, here's an initial reaction.

    You say no menu items. In Opera 23, the menu does not show as a horizontal bar across the top of the browser. To open the menu, either click on the Opera logo on the upper left of the browser, or press the Alt key, or press Alt F key. Do you have the Opera logo atop the browser on the upper left? (it's the red half circle).

    You say no tabs. When the browser opens, it would normally open with one tab -- the speed dial tab. Is that not there? Maybe you are right, and that you have somehow no theme. Can you set one of the default themes for the speed dial. Go to opera://themes/, and pick a theme with some nice color for the Speed Dial.

    And to open the browser on the Speed Dial page, go to Alt P (settings), and for startup, put a dot in "open the start page." On the Speed Dial Page you should be able to see in the middle top of the browser, below the address bar, buttons for Speed Dial, Stash and Discover. Are they there?

    When you say, you can start the browser, but no internet pages, do you mean, you have no address bar on the browser, and you cannot go to the internet with it?

    Pressing ctrl T on the keyboard should open a new tab. Is that happening?

    If none of this is getting you anywhere, and the browser seems totally non-functional, you could try uninstalling and reinstalling the browser. Alternatively, if the problem is just for a couple of days as you say, you could even do a system restore to before you had the problem.

  • Hello lem729,

    thanks for your reply.

    According to it i tried to create a screenshot. But for whatever reason, opera started up just fine.

    I restarted opera in the last couple of days, but it never changed (and therefor i think was not the solution of the problem).

    The only thing i can remember i did was to press F11 to switch to full screen mode and pressed F11 again to switch back to normal mode. At this time the screen looked like befor. Than i closed opera. But i did not restart it again. Probably pressing F11 and closing opera browser already solved the problem.

    If the problem reoccurs i will post a screenshot here, so if somebody else is running into the same problem, he might already have a solution for it.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Best regards, aurikus

  • Hm, my guess would be that the issue is/was caused by hardware acceleration or the graphics card driver. In that case there's a command lime switch to start Opera with it disabled (--disable-gpu). But nice to see you got it solved already.