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  • Let me start this off by saying, yes a good parent to some extent should monitor their child's web browsing. But lately I have been having trouble with a certain monitoring program that my parents have installed. This program is called Norton Family and If you have experience with it you'd know how problematic it is. I am 16 and mainly use Opera GX for gaming and Discord. Or at least I did, but recently my parents have enabled this program to stop me from doing basically anything. The things this program blocks are gaming related content, live chatting apps, shopping, advertising, web VPN or Proxies, live human interaction, and much more. And I have had questions about bypasses for this but none of those worked. I installed Opera for its built in VPN among other things but it still cant stop this software. Any advice? (Yes I know this isn't technically where I should post this. But I don't know where else to. And maybe the smart users of Opera can help me.)

  • Before I would even think of helping you, you would have to give me at least one reason why your parents did this.
    No parents do this without a reason, unless they are cruel and evil and like to abuse their children, which of course is true in your case.
    And of course you are an exemplary child with good school grades, a tidy room, pleasant in character, you don't yell and nag your parents, alcohol and drugs are foreign words for you...

    Hollow your parents here in the forum and let them describe their view of things, then I might think about helping you.

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  • @transluca
    You asked for "at least one reason why your parents did this". And I would be happy to oblige. My parents grew up in a rough neighborhood and believe the technology is the root of all evil and that a child should suffer to make them more resilient to the hardships in life. I believe your after statements were sarcastic but I will elucidate on the points you mentioned. I do not think my parents are cruel, evil, or they like to abuse their children. But I do think that they are uneducated about technology and shouldn't parent their children harshly because of the abuse they received when they were children. Furthermore, I've made straight A's for the past five years, I struggle with doctor diagnosed OCD and among many other things I impulsively keep my room clean, I can not personally speak on my charterer but I do believe i'm somewhat mild and well mannered, I would never yell or nag at my parents because if I did I would be beat into another reality, and while Alcohol and Drugs are not foreign words I do try to stay away from them to uphold my 4.7 GPA. And while I am unable to let my parents on the forum seeing as they despise any public chatting site I can give you insight as to what they would say in this situation or have said to me. They would most likely say something along the lines of " Technology is making our children weak and lazy. If your child spends a lot of time on the Internet you should give them a good beating and see how that helps." As I've stated before they treat their kids badly because of the abuse and trauma they experienced growing up with their unfortunate circumstances. And while I know a child's point of view can be close minded and naive I truly believe that what they are doing is unfair. Some after notes are, I don't hate my parents they just have a physical and outdated form of parenting, and while I do not believe I am perfect I do believe that I've given them no reason not to trust me.

    User: Iamconfusedalways

  • @iamconfusedalways

    Hello to the confused one
    Your answer impressed me. I had imagined two types of young people asking such a question. I imagine that you belong to the pleasant type.
    Now I'm a little sorry for the sarcasm - but my compliment how great you reacted to it!

    Now to your question.
    It has been some time since I last came into contact with Norton. For a normal user it was already difficult back then and will be almost impossible today.

    With reasonable effort and without leaving traces I would suggest the following way. You start the PC from a USB stick.

    Two steps are necessary:

    1. create a bootable USB stick
      In short, this means that the (complete) Windows operating program is copied to a USB stick and then the internal hard disk is replaced by this USB stick.
      Instructions on how to create a bootable USB stick can easily be found on the Internet and Microsoft provides tools for this. If you can't install programs (this tool) on your computer, you might have a friend who can do this for you. It is really not difficult.
      If you install programs and the question appears whether the program should be installed for all users or just for you, choose "just for you". This makes it invisible to everyone else.

    2. set the boot order in BIOS/UEFI
      When your computer is turned on, the first thing it must do is search for "Windows". The options are drives like the internal hard disk, CD drives, USB sticks, but also the network. The search order is set in the BIOS/UEFI of your computer. The "Windows" that the computer finds first is started and almost all computers search the internal hard disk first and start the "Windows" installed there. But in the BIOS/UEFI you can set that your computer should search for a USB stick first and only then on the internal hard disk.

    The computer will then boot (from the USB stick) like new, as if you had just taken it out of the store. You are the only user and have full access rights. The internal hard disk of the computer should then appear as another hard disk.

    This may sound very complicated, but on the internet (even for inexperienced users) you can easily find a description.
    If you want to outsmart a computer, you have to learn a little bit about its technology 🙂

    I would try this way first, before I try again.

    But there is a catch here as well. If you start from a USB stick, you will not leave any traces on the computer! Depending on how thoroughly your parents control you, it could be that no usage time will be displayed (logged) for you even though you were at the computer.

    The only really better alternative would be to spy out the password of an administrator (your parents) and create a new (administrator) user account. Again, be careful, because the new user will appear as a selection on the login screen (or you can delete the account after each session).

  • @iamconfusedalways

    Hi, here is one more (very convenient) alternative:

    For step 1) Search the internet for "KNOPPIX on USB". You can create a bootable USB-Stick (very easy) and you can run your computer without any restrictions.

    step 2) remains

    But ... 🙂

    KNOPPIX is a Linux System.
    It does the same as Windows but everything looks/works slightly different. Surfing the internet should be no problem.

    Both ways are about equally complex.

  • @transluca I heavily thank you for this help, and while my response is somewhat belated I have a good reason. My parents took away my computer (that I purchased with my own money mind you) away because they saw what I said. But nevertheless I am back, and I greatly appreciate your your help. If there is any way I could repay you I would be happy to help. Once again sorry for my late response.

    User: Iamconfusedalways