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Opera suddenly crashes in Windows 10 Pro and won't reopen!

  • Hello Opera Forum!
    I love this browser and have used it faithfully for many years in Win 7 Pro.
    I just bought a new Lenovo laptop with Windows 10 Pro. I installed Opera first thing and it worked perfectly. Imported all my bookmarks perfectly! And it worked without any problem for four days.
    Then suddenly today in the middle of a work session it crashed and I could not reopen it. I uninstalled and reinstalled it Four times and still I cannot get it to open. When I click on it the icon goes around for a few seconds then stops. I rebooted my computer several times. I stopped Windows Defender and all security software, ad blockers, etc. I am running as administrator.
    But now it simply will not open!
    What happened? Why all of a sudden when it was working perfectly for days - even today!? How can I get it to work again on Win 10 Pro?
    Please help!! many many thanks. Jim in NYC

  • In Windows, goto settings -> accounts -> Family and others.

    Did you add any family member accounts? Is the account you're one tied to a Microsoft account or do you just have a local account?

    Either way, do a test. Click "add someone else to this PC", At the Microsoft account screen, click "I don't have this person's sign info". Then, on the next screen, click "Add a user without a Microsoft account", name the user test, and create the account. Then, log onto that test account and run Opera there. Does it work there? If so, it problems means you have some kind of permission issue.

    Another thing you can do is download the Opera installer, launch it, click "options", set "install path" to a folder named "Opera Test" on your desktop, set "install for" to "standalone installation", make sure "import data from default browser" is unchecked, and install. Does that Opera load?

  • Thanks so much. It's late in NYC now. I'll try your fixes tomorrow.
    Btw, I just found the Opera GX gaming browser and downloaded and installed it under my admin login. It's working perfectly!

  • Thanks so much Burnout.
    I finally got a moment to try it (other little glitches in new Win 10 Pro laptop preoccupying me).
    Your first method worked perfectly. I set up a new user, Test, and Opera installed and ran perfectly.
    Your second method failed. I installed in another folder under my User name - and I'm the ADMIN! But neither installation of Opera will run under my user name.
    Yet still the new Opera GX runs perfectly under my user name.
    Btw, another glitch I can't resolve as admin - installing my Amazon Photos cloud backup software fails as soon as I get the Sign-In Page - it locks up and I cannot enter my login and password, thus I can't complete the installation. (Amazon promises me they're working on that for me.) Could this be a mere coincidence? A second Lenovo/Win 10 Pro glitch? Or part of the same issue -permissions you think? Any tips how I might resolve that? (Again, I've turned off all security, ad blocking, popup blocking etc.)
    Immense thanks for your help with this. We're getting there.
    best - jim in nyc

  • @jiminnyc Yes. I think all your issues are probably due to the same underlying problem with your admin account. Not sure why Opera GX still works when regular Opera doesn't though.

    On your admin account, under settings -> accounts -> family and other users, click on the test account (create it again if you deleted it) and choose to change the account type to an administrator. Then, log into the test account and make sure Opera still works there. If it does, that shows you that you can create a new account, set its type to admin, copy over any data from your regular admin account to the new one, delete your original admin account, and use the new one from now on. It's extreme, but it's something you might be able to do if you can't sort out the issues with your current admin account.

  • @jiminnyc What about the family accounts question are previously asked? Did you make sure that you're not using any of the family features? If not, and you are, you need to allow Opera to run.

    Is your admin account connected to a Microsoft account? If so, there could be some issue with that.

    Your Windows 10 Pro isn't in S mode is it?

  • Hi Burnout -
    Sorry for the delay (dealing with other issues setting up my new Win 10 Pro laptop).
    No, absolutely no family accounts or family features on my computer.
    I'm connected to my microsoft account as this admin user. But I changed it to a local account and it made no difference.
    Many thanks for your help. I think I'll stick with the Opera GX browser which is still working perfectly (and I'm getting to like the simple b&w color scheme).
    best wishes - jim