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Sidebar's custom sites feature improvement.

  • *Suggestion (this will save space on the sidebar and will improve the custom sites feature's functionality significantly):

    Instead of 5 custom sites in the sidebar I'd prefer 1 predefined custom panel (a web panel, similarly to this extension

    The panel has bookmarks bar dropdown.

    Of course, in Opera there also can be quickly accessible bookmarks (aka mini bookmarks bar)

    This panel also has the following buttons at the bottom (open web panel page in new browser tab and open current browser tab in web panel)
    +previous suggestion regarding the context menu 'search in panel' feature like in Edge chromium ->

  • @andrew84 You must have read my mind - I was to write a post asking users to share their experiences with extensions for Opera and to tell us/me what extensions are the best in terms of productivity. 🙂

    I have installed the Web Panel (WP) and got struck with mixed feelings.

    I went to Opera addons site and then to the author's Github to read why some main websites like and (google, yahoo, bing,, drudgereport etc) cannot be displayed in Web Panel.

    I turned to Custom site panels (CSP) to check it. No problems, but both features have nasty limits.

    Instead of Pros you explained, I will focus on Cons.

    Cons for WP

    • Pin works for all panels in WP
    • Zoom bar at the bottom works for all panels
    • Zoom is coarse (not defined directly with -/+) (see V7 Notes)
    • Zoom behaves erratically
    • You cannot create folder tree in bookmarks panel
    • Bookmark switch arrows in circles at the top seems to open every websites from the beginning, WP does not keep pages in memory.
    • You cannot set the WP panel size per website, it's global option.
    • You cannot move manually bookmarks or sort them alphabetically.
    • Asking for cookies repeats ad nauseam

    If I were allowed to add something myself I'd say that Opera ought to buy V7 Notes (for notes) and Web Panel (for Custom site panels), then it should develop them to flagship states. Other web browsers do not sit in one highly complacent place. Keeping focus on social networks only (communicators, players, social spheres etc) is mere stupidity while leaving productivity side regrettably underdeveloped.

  • @pavelopdev thanks for the notices.

    *I didn't mean that Opera must copy all the options of the web panel, I provided this extension just as an example to illustrate the main idea (for example the Player feature also has the music sources dropdown).
    The 'web panel' extension is quite far from ideal that's why I'd like to see similar feature from Opera, it can be more simple but reliable and without the issues which web panel has.

  • @andrew84 I read you "mission" correctly, but your post is being read by Opera users speaking native languages, like me, other than English. Common English used by the world isn't good mean to communicate nuances for us (for me too). In those cases I prefer to express myself verbatim, adding "written tags" (sarcasm, happy, sad, irony etc) even, or describing issues pointing to essential details.

    My eyes started to open broader on V7 extensions now. I need them for other ideas. Take a look at V7 Sessions and read my suggestion directed to developer vux777.

    Semi sessions option in Opera evinces through Save all tabs as Speed Dial folder RMB context menu, but it's primitive. Workspaces are wonderful, but Session Manger working with workspaces is what would make Opera the King in the world of web browsers. There are some other features which Opera should pay attention to, but I write about it in a post defining and explaining Operathon idea. 😉 Opera badly needs it, I'm sure.

    [Fig. 1] Read my comment/request to what to change in the screenshot is here
    V7 Sessions