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Export bookmarks in Opera Developer 25

  • @razieliyo

    Can you please explain how to run that script to me? I use windows and tried to run it like:
    G:\php\php.exe G:\opera25_to_html_bookmarks.php

    I have no idea how to do any of this.

    It says:

    Warning: file_get_contents(): Filename cannot be empty in G:\opera25_to_html_boo
    kmarks.php on line 61

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in G:\opera25_to_html_bookmarks
    .php on line 66

    Warning: file_put_contents(): Filename cannot be empty in G:\opera25_to_html_boo
    kmarks.php on line 80

  • You also have to provide in the command line the file that contains the bookmarks in a json format. It's placed on your opera folder, and it's a file called, literally, Bookmarks, without extension.

    Usage: php opera25_to_html_bookmarks.php /path/to/opera/folder/Bookmarks output_file.html

  • Worked flawlessly. Thanks a lot!

  • Hey, this script is something I have desperately been looking for, but just to make sure, in windows 7 home premium 64 bit, where do I type php opera25tohtmlbookmarks.php /path/to/opera/folder/Bookmarks outputfile.html ?

    and.....when the html bookmarks file is created, how do I import it in opera 24?

    To clarify, Opera 25 is crashing my old pc big time so I need to revert back to opera 24, but I want to make sure I export all the bookmarks first.

    Thanks for any help?

  • You need to install PHP for Windows first. Never tried it myself and have always been using a Linux box to do it (or you can set up a virtual machine) but there are PHP binaries for the Windows platform out there as well. Just google it. After you've installed it open a command prompt and type the commands in it.

  • Thanks for the help gryzor, I'll give it a try and see how it goes.

  • I've written a bookmark export/import extension for Opera
    that can export (backup) bookmarks, or import bookmarks from Chrome,
    but it's not reviewed or approved yet, hopefully in the next couple days:

  • It's released now 🙂

  • Ahhh nice, let's try it... 🙂 Thanks!

  • Just what I was expecting for months! Thanks a lot! Saved my day!

  • eirishgal, i saved the bms by 'select all' then 'copy&paste' to another browser

  • Hei! I have been frustrated about the fact that bookmarks management was way easier in previous versions of Opera, as far as I remember.

    However, I found an extension that I hope can help those of you who want a simple solution.

    Look here:

    About the extension
    Downloads 9,851
    Category Productivity
    Version 4.2
    Size 9.8 KB
    Last update Nov. 17, 2014
    License Copyright 2014 escape75


    from Norway!

  • Copying files is absolutely no problem. I can do it in 8 different programming languages myself. I doubt anyone finds that task over whelming . What makes it hard is listening to less than stellar answers and trying to use them to do it. Just the few I read "its in the opera folder". Well unfortunately in PCs it has 4 different folders. Appdata low and roaming, program data as well as its install folder. Not counting the app data ones in each profile. Opera s pretty good at hiding the folders you need to change anything too. I haven't looked hard for the bookmark folder but I did look for the base file that you need to change or add programs to opera and after a very long time I just quit. I searched all the folders stated . By the fourth time though besides falling asleep my eyes were burning because I started so late so Its possible I just kept over looking it or it was namedd way different than the examples I seen. The only simple way to show directories is to copy / paste or type the default path its probably on. Opera folder is not a direction. More a group policy of all folders of opera. On the hard drive and in the computer are not helpful either btw.

  • @benpope82
    have you tried this extension for exporting bookmarks?

    you don't need to dig through profile folders, it will export it as HTML sorted in tree
    additionally with favicons

  • @vux777

    Excellent extension for a long time use.