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Opera Mini reloads the same webpage instead of clicked link

  • This problem happens on Opera mini on Android and Java (I haven't checked on other mobile platforms). So it is probably a problem with the Opera Mini Server.

    I hope the Opera Mini team sees this and corrects the fault.

    1. In Opera Mini settings, enable the "Single Column view"

    2. Now open

    3. Open any one of the news articles on the home page.

    4. Scroll down to the bottom of the news article... "NEXT STORIES" Section

    5. Open any one of those articles in a new tab. (It will open that respective web page as usual).

    6. Now open any other news article in the "NEXT STORIES" section. (instead of opening that respective web page, it will reload the SAME WEB PAGE (like a page refresh) for ALL other news articles in the "NEXT STORIES" section).

  • i have exactly the same problem that in single column view sometimes the same page keeps reloading when clicking a link.
    There doesn't seem to be a pattern in if it loads the link or just reload the current page, but if it start to reload the only solution seems to be to longpress the link and open it in a new tab.

  • Just checked, and the same problem occurred with the single column option deactivated.

  • What happens if you press-and-hold the link and "open in new tab"?


  • In the daily mail example mentioned in the OP, nothing, but usually the link opens in a new tab, and you can close the original tab, that seems to be stuck.

  • 😕
    sinsgle column view 'on' omits some features in the web page as to when it is 'off' where everything is in the web page is displayed.why?